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Tina M. Brandon Abbatangelo

Visiting Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences and Director of SDM on Main Campus Clinic
Office: RWC 1395
Mail Code: 7419
Phone: 702-774-7108

Moni Ahmadian

Associate Professor-in-Residence
Office: SLC-B 232
Mail Code: 7412
Phone: 702-774-2616

Tanya Al-Talib

Associate Professor in Residence of Orthodontics
Office: SLC-D 236
Mail Code: 7422
Phone: 702-774-2677

Christine C. Ancajas

Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Office: SLC-D 279
Mail Code: 7411
Phone: 702-774-2522

Melissa Argueta

Office: SLC-B 236
Mail Code: 7425
Phone: 702-774-2545

Kristin M. Baca

Assistant Professor in Residence of Clinical Sciences
Office: SLC-D 207
Mail Code: 7416
Phone: 702-774-2040

Benjamin Barborka

Assistant Professor in Residence
Office: SLC-D 237
Mail Code: 7422
Phone: 702-774-2024

Lorenzo H. Bethea

Director of Clinical Operations
Office: SLC-A 103B
Mail Code: 7414
Phone: 702-774-2483