Alumni Stories

smiling woman outside holding small stuffed item

The combination of art and science inspired the two-time alumna to pursue dentistry; the unwavering faith of her mentors encouraged her to return as an instructor.

Kathryn Mueller Smiles at White Coat Ceremony

UNLV dental student ranks top of her class while inspiring others as a YouTube fitness creator.

Benjamin Barborka

This dentist's tip for success is to avoid the temptation to take shortcuts since only persistence and hard work are going to get you where you want to be.


Previous Alumni of the Year

Year Alum
2022 Evelyn Herrera, DMD ‘16
2021 Jesse Falk, DMD '11 and Michael Moody, DMD '12
2020 Brandi Dupont, DMD, ‘07
2019 Dwayne Jensen, DMD, '09
2018 Ashley Hoban, DMD, '09
2017 Cody Hughes, DMD, ‘07
2016 Nora Vinh Svihl, DMD, '07
2015 Robert B. Hale, DMD, '09
2014 Dee Dee Meevisan, DMD, ‘07
2013 Emily Ishkanian, DMD, ’11
2012 Bill Dahlke, DMD, ’06, ‘12