• Woman leads a workshop

    The Interview: Leeann Fields

    Having played many sports while growing up, the head of UNLV's educational compliance values teamwork.

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A man and a woman stand on a balcony looking down.
  • A Life of Work

    Audrey James was one of the few African Americans in UNLV's earliest classes. Today, the centenarian is still spreading the message that education is a priority.

  • Keeping Skin in the Game

    Achievement in Service Award winner Ken Bahl has been a key figure in UNLV's Alumni Association.

  • Medical Student Inspired to Help the Underserved

    The refugee experiences of his parents and of people he observed while studying overseas helped fuel his desire to become a doctor.


Tiffany Lin (Art) spoke at the University of San Francisco in the fine arts program with design fundamentals students learning about social practice and socially engaged art. Tiffany lectured on her new project 23 VIEWS with an emphasis on strategies for successful collaboration and community engagement. 23 Views is a drawing series and social...
Janna Bernstein (Service Learning and Leadership) was nominated and has accepted the nomination to serve as a Jameson Fellow for 2020. This Las Vegas-based initiative is intended to connect community members with one another to create a culture of greater cohesion across nonprofit sectors. It is an honor to be included as a fellow, and will...
Faculty member teaching in front of class
Faculty members attend a meeting and take vote