We are always looking for ways to better understand our audience and improve the UNLV website.

From time to time, we reach out to website users and ask if they are willing to participate in research studies with us.

If you participate in user research, we may ask your opinion on some ideas or show you a new design that we're testing. We might ask about how you have used our site in the past, what challenges you experience with our site or what you think about the site in general.

Studies usually take place remotely via web conferencing. There may be one or two people from our web team observing how you navigate the site and perform the tasks we ask you to do. Users are often asked to describe their actions, thoughts and feelings, and are recorded for later analysis.

It’s not a test, and there are no right or wrong answers to the questions in our studies. We just want to learn about your experiences and perspectives, so that we can use your feedback to make the site better.

Your opinion is important to us. If you are interested in participating in a website user test, and want to provide initial feedback, please fill out our survey.

Fill out our survey on Qualtrics

If a study is a good fit for you, you’ll get a follow-up email and details about what the study involves, including next steps and location.