Web Development

We provide website development and maintenance for academic and administrative units at UNLV that effectively communicate and strategically align with the university’s pages.

Web Strategy

The Web & Digital Strategy unit delivers a world-class, user-centered web presence that supports UNLV's mission and strategic goals. We will ensure that UNLV’s diverse audiences are able to access the information they seek easily and equally. Embracing flexibility, new ideas and emerging technologies will allow the university to effectively showcase its people and quality work.

Web Consultation

Our team provides a variety of consulting services in areas such as digital marketing, content strategy, web analytics, web accessibility and user experience.

Goals of Service Delivery

  • Provide high-quality core services to the university community in a sustainable way.
  • Incentivize campus units to work within the Web & Digital Strategy framework and not seek outside assistance that may damage the UNLV brand and result in poor web user experience.

Services Provided

Web and Digital Strategy’s core responsibility is to design, build and maintain the official UNLV website, including those of official academic and administrative units. In addition, our team provides a variety of consulting services in areas such as enterprise applications, digital marketing, content strategy, web analytics, web accessibility, and user experience.


  • Committees
  • Centers
  • Institutes
  • Conferences
  • Research projects
  • Individual faculty and staff websites
  • Student organizations
  • Professional organizations

UNLV Website Audiences

Averaging 2.07 million pageviews per month, UNLV’s website is the University’s largest communication vehicle and oftentimes the primary source of information for both our internal and external audiences.

We constantly try to improve our understanding of our audiences in order to better deliver the relevant, complete, and accurate information they seek in an easy-to-find manner.

Primary Audiences

  • Prospective students
  • 85% of colleges and universities say that student recruitment is the key organizational goal for their website1

Secondary Audiences

  • Current students

  • Parents and family

  • Faculty and staff

  • Prospective employees

  • Alumni

  • Donors

  • Community members

  • Influencers (Opinion leaders and decision makers)

Tertiary Audiences

  • External researchers
  • Peer institutions
  • Partner organizations

1 TERMINALFOUR. 2018 Higher Education Digital Marketing & Web Survey. 2018.


Deana Waddell
Senior Director of Web & Digital Strategy
Phone: 702-895-5497
Email: deana.waddell@unlv.edu