The School of Dental Medicine believes lifelong learning enhances the quality of patient care as well as the personal and professional success of dental health care providers. Its continuing education program focuses on hands-on, interactive, and consultative approaches in education.

Check the course schedule regularly for updates.


Registration for any course may be made up to the scheduled date and will be honored if space is available. Payment can be made via credit or debit card, or check. The school reserves the right to cancel courses 30 or more days in advance. Please review the course cancelation policy.

Board Remediation Program

UNLV School of Dental Medicine is a fully accredited institution and offers a non-patient, customized remediation program for the WREB, CDCA, CRDTS, SERTA, and CITA licensing boards. Remediation candidates must provide letters from their state boards that identify the required educational experiences, and submit proposed plans for approval.


For registration and enrollment in continuing education courses or the board remediation program, additional details, or questions, contact:

Victoria Arthur
1001 Shadow Lane
Mail Stop 7420
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106-4124

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