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Rebels: Onboard

Activate. Connect. Excel.

Ready To Make It Happen?

You are joining a group of employees who work to make UNLV a Top Tier public university in research, education, and community impact. We have grouped resources into three key areas to pave the way for your success: Activate, Connect, and Excel.

Note: Contact your department for additional onboarding support that is customized to your position or unit.


The first days, weeks, and months of employment are exciting and include a wealth of information. We are here to help and support you as you join the Rebel community.

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Before Your First Day

An email will be sent to the address you provided in your employment application.

  • An ACE account is a single user ID and password that allows you access to your UNLV email, the employee portal for Workday, and additional university software applications.
  • When you receive your ACE Account, you must activate it within seven (7) days.
  • In your employee portal for Workday, you will have a notification to enter your personal information and contact details.

For help with your ACE Account and UNLV email, contact the IT Help Desk at 702-895-0777.

Complete all of the following tasks:

  • Veteran status identification
  • Disability self-identification
  • Form I-9
  • Emergency contacts
  • Beneficiary designation
  • Submit education for verification
    • This is completed in two parts. In your “To Do” task, access the link to submit education. Afterwards, go back and submit the “To Do” task.
  • Payment election enrollment event (direct deposit)
  • Edit government IDs
  • Go paperless with your W-2 form (this task cannot be completed until your date of hire)
    • This is completed in two parts. In your “To Do” task, access the link to choose your method of receiving your W-2. Afterwards, go back and submit the “To Do” task.
  • Review and acknowledge documents (items will populate based upon applicability to your position)
  • Every Monday, Workday sends out notifications to managers and employees that have incomplete onboarding tasks.  If you continue to get these reminders and you have completed all your tasks, please send an email to

Explore parking locations, permit options, and alternative transportation. Employees must have a parking permit to park their vehicles on campus.

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New employee orientation introduces you to UNLV and provides important information about the following:

  • Our history and culture
  • Policies and procedures
  • Services and resources
  • Workplace safety
  • Health insurance options
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Retirement
  • Voluntary benefits

Register for Orientation

If you would like to request any potential workplace accommodations, please visit our Workplace Accommodation Requests webpage for more detailed information.

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First Day and Week

You must present documents that demonstrate your identity and your eligibility to work in the United States to meet legal requirements of the Immigration and Reform Control Act. These documents must be presented in person to your department contact within three (3) days of employment.

Form I-9 Acceptable Documents

To access the REBELearn New Employee Benefits Orientation, login to REBELearn using the link below. Once you have completed the REBELearn orientation you will be able to enroll in a virtual drop in session to address any of your benefits questions.  

REBELearn Login

The RebelSafe App gives you access to dial UNLV Police for emergencies, request RebelRides, report a Tip, and more. Visit the Safety and Emergency Resources page for more safety information.

Your meeting should cover:

  • Department orientation and tour
  • Department policies, practices, and procedures.
    • If you are an academic faculty member, be sure to get a copy of your department and unit by laws as well as your tenure and promotion guidelines.
  • Job duties and responsibilities
  • Required technology and building/office/classroom access
  • Safety and emergency procedures

A RebelCard is the official identification for UNLV staff and students. This card is used to access many on-campus services including our libraries, copy center, the Dining Commons, the Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC), and more. Receive your RebelCard by visiting the RebelCard Office located in the Student Union (SU), Room 118 or by submitting your photo and government ID online.

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Use the UNLV Email Signature Generator to create an email signature that is consistent with UNLV brand standards.

Check your access to email, phone, shared networks, Google Drives, and calendars. Inform your supervisor if you encounter any issues.

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Within Your First 30 Days

Familiarize yourself with university policies and workplace policies issued under the authority conferred on the president by the Nevada System of Higher Education code.

REBELearn is a learning management system that offers training courses and professional development programs for employees.

Required training includes:

  • Cybersecurity Awareness
  • General Workplace Safety
  • Preventing Harassment and Discrimination
  • Understanding Public Records

Additional training may be required based upon your position/job, such as:

  • FERPA Training (if you access student records)
  • Advanced Safety Training (if you work with hazardous substances or specialized equipment)
  • Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) course
  • Section 117
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Training

Health coverage begins on the first day of the month concurrent with, or following, the effective date of your date of hire. If your position begins after the first day of the month, your coverage will not begin until the first day of the following month. For new employees, you must enroll before the end of your effective month.

  • Health plan (to avoid being defaulted in the PPO HRA plan, log into the PEBP Portal to select your desired coverage)
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Mandatory and voluntary retirement

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Payroll is paid in the arrears. When you receive pay, ensure accuracy of the following:

  • Wages
  • Benefit deductions (health and voluntary)
  • Retirement (mandatory)

Additional Pay Resources

Workday is a cloud-based application that automates, streamlines, and standardizes business processes. From your Workday home page, you can review applications such as:

  • Training resources
  • Pay
  • Benefits
  • Time off
  • Time (clocking in and out)
  • Onboarding
  • Purchases

Depending on your position you may have security to create, approve, add comments, and send back tasks from your inbox. A list of frequently used training resources is available on the Workday website.

Rebels are steeped in the anything-goes, make-it-work culture of Las Vegas — a culture that inspires people to take chances, seize opportunities, and find unconventional solutions to any challenge they care to tackle. Simply put, Rebels Make it Happen.

  • About Top Tier 2.0: Our Top Tier vision and mission guide our efforts at UNLV, and we have made remarkable progress on our journey. Top Tier 2.0, the next evolution of our strategic plan, is a forward-looking roadmap that our university will continue to refine and follow over the next decade.
  • Diversity Initiatives: The Division of Diversity Initiatives provides leadership and support for UNLV's diversity mission: to nurture equity, diversity, and inclusiveness that promotes respect, support, and empowerment.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: An inclusive workplace culture makes diversity work. We strive to provide a supportive, inclusive campus through administrative initiatives, resources, and committees.
  • Vision and Mission: We strive to improve the lives of our diverse students and transform our communities through education and engagement.
  • Values: Our values were established collaboratively by an interdisciplinary task force involving all campus job families and students. Our values are the cultural cornerstones that shape our identity. They guide our decisions and actions and demonstrate our Rebel spirit.

Lingo Glossary: Familiarize yourself with terminology that is frequently used in the workplace.

Depending on your job family, there are different procedures for processing attendance and giving notification for time off for planned and unplanned absences. Review the following pages:

Note: Employees on a Letter of Appointment contract work a part-time schedule and do not accrue time off. If this is your job family, speak to your supervisor about your work schedule and procedure for making up time if you are absent.


Discover and explore everything UNLV has to offer. From campus tours and special events to shared governance and affinity groups, here are some ways you can connect with colleagues across campus.

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Different Ways To Connect With UNLV

Shared Governance

Shared governance is a collaborative decision-making process that involves sharing authority, responsibility, and accountability among stakeholders, including faculty, administrations, and governing boards.

Learn more about shared governance by visiting the following websites:

  • Faculty Senate: The UNLV Faculty Senate is the voice of the academic and administrative faculty working transparently with university administration to advance the vision and direction of the institution.
  • Administrative Faculty Committee: The Administrative Faculty Committee (AFC) is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate and participates in university governance by reviewing and recommending policy on issues that directly affect administrative faculty.
  • Classified Staff Council: The Classified Staff Council represents and serves classified employees and is an advisory group to the President of UNLV.

Affinity Groups

UNLV offers several faculty and staff affinity groups for employees to connect with colleagues who share the same interests, backgrounds, and common goals. Affinity groups help build community and foster an inclusive campus environment.

Register for a campus tour with other new employees to become familiar with our campus and learn more about our university. You can also use our Campus Maps page as a resource while you are learning to navigate campus.

Rebel Events

View the campus calendar to see what’s going on around campus. Events include arts and entertainmentathleticsschool traditions, and more.

Corporate Challenge

Corporate Challenge is an annual amateur sporting event in the spring run by the City of Las Vegas. It promotes, enables, and supports teamwork, company pride, and corporate wellness. The challenge includes 35+ athletic and scholastic events with more than 18,000 competitors, and it begins with a torch relay and ends with a closing ceremony event.

To participate, email Kathy Lauckner ( or Edwin Fajardo (, our Corporate Challenge Coordinators for UNLV.

At UNLV, every Friday is Rebel Red Friday. Show off your Rebel pride by wearing red!

UNLV's campus is bustling with activity, so make sure to save the Faculty/Staff website in your favorites. It's your go-to source for essential contacts, academic resources, the latest news, UNLV Today Announcements, and upcoming events.

Connect With Human Resources and Business Affairs

  • Our HR professionals are available to assist you and answer human resources questions. Review our HR Teams to find an expert.
  • Our Business Affairs professionals are also available to assist with university physical and/or financial resource questions. Review the Business Affairs department list to find an expert.


You are fully activated and connected with the UNLV community; now it is time to excel. UNLV offers dynamic programs and resources to help employees grow and succeed.

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How to Excel At UNLV

UNLV offers various opportunities designed to enhance, enrich, develop, motivate, and retain our diverse workforce.

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Take advantage of a variety of programs and services provided to employees.

  • Health and wellness
  • Dental clinic
  • Mental health
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Family services
  • Community outreach and resources
  • Faculty/staff resources
  • Veteran services
  • Complimentary software

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As a dedicated member of the UNLV community, your hard work makes a difference in the lives of our students, alumni and friends daily. And now, it’s even easier to turn your inspiration into action. Learn more about UNLV employee payroll deduction and complete the Payroll Deduction Authorization Form if you would like to donate.

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center offers various services that help promote physical, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational, environmental, and intellectual well-being.

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Acknowledging colleagues and receiving recognition for achievements is a great way to foster a positive and engaging workplace. UNLV uses Rebel Applause as its employee recognition platform where employees can:

  • Recognize colleagues with notes of gratitude or cheer
    • The quantity and quality of these notes are used by the Rebel Spirit Award committee to select a Rebel Spirit Award recipient.
  • Receive Service Milestone Awards

Other Awards

UNLV offers employees discounts on college tuition and no-cost learning opportunities.

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Continuing Education classes at a discounted rate for employees are an opportunity to upgrade your professional skills, train for a new role, or learn just for fun.

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Annual evaluations are provided for faculty, postdoctoral, professional and classified staff. This is an excellent opportunity to clarify job expectations, receive feedback on performance, goal setting, and professional development.

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For comments or suggestions, fill out our Onboarding Feedback form.