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Be RebelSAFE!

Like any community, we are not immune to natural and man-made disasters. Faculty, staff, students and families must collaborate to plan and prepare for these types of emergencies. Together, we can #BeRebelSAFE.

The Great Nevada ShakeOut

At exactly, 10:18 a.m. on Oct. 18, UNLV will be participating in the Great Nevada ShakeOut. Participants are instructed to DROP to the ground, take COVER, and HOLD ON for 60 seconds.

Snap a selfie during the drill, share with your followers, tag @UNLVPD on Twitter with #RebelShakeOut or email it to eoc@unlv.edu to be entered to win one of four $25 Amazon gift cards.

Earthquake drills help to promote awareness and safety. Be an example and motivate others on how to be better prepared to survive and quickly recover. The more we share, the more family and friends we can make aware.

For more on earthquake safety visit Drop, Cover, and Hold On!

Note: A RebelSAFE Alert will be sent out to all platforms, signaling the start of the ShakeOut drill.

The Great Nevada ShakeOut poster
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Be Informed

UNLV has several tools to provide the campus community with important information during an emergency.

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Develop an Emergency Plan

Planning in advance and knowing what you will do in different emergency situations is key to your safety.

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Build an Emergency Supply Kit

Consider having a kit for your home, car, and/or residence hall, which contains basic survival supplies for at last 72 hours time.

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Get Involved

There are several ways that you can be an emergency response leader on campus and at home in a time of crisis.

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