Our Top Tier vision and mission guide our efforts at UNLV, and we have made remarkable progress on our journey. Top Tier 2.0, the next evolution of our strategic plan, is a forward-looking roadmap that our university will continue to refine and follow over the next decade. It builds on our progress and recognizes our opportunities as we continue on our path to becoming a top public research university that transforms our community – and beyond.

Top Tier 2.0 is focused around core areas:

  • Student Achievement;
  • Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity;
  • UNLV Academic Health;
  • Socio-Economic Development;
  • Community Partnerships; and
  • Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion.

These cores are all made possible through continuing to develop our infrastructure and ensuring shared governance practices are at the heart of what we do, and we must strategically deepen the culture of philanthropy and alumni connection since this area is key to our financial stability. These foundational cores of Infrastructure and Shared Governance and Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement work in conjunction across all core areas.

Graphical representation of the six core areas and how the foundational areas relate back to all six core areas.

Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

Improving the lives of our diverse students and transforming our communities through education and engagement.

Our Mission

As a minority-serving institution rich with diversity and committed to equity, UNLV:

  • provides access to world class educational experiences that are responsive to the needs of our students and stakeholders;
  • engages in groundbreaking research, scholarship, professional, and creative activities that have impact and cross boundaries; and
  • offers high value, cutting-edge interdisciplinary physical and mental health care to support our community.

We create value for the individuals and communities we serve by fostering a climate of innovation, stimulating economic diversification and workforce development, promoting social justice and inclusion of all voices, and enriching cultural vitality.

Our Values

Our values are the cultural cornerstones that shape our identity. They guide our decisions and actions and demonstrate our Rebel spirit. UNLV Values: We Make It Happen!

Learn more about our Campus Values

Core Areas

The university recognizes the importance of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement, as well as Infrastructure and Shared Governance in all aspects. These foundational goal areas are measured and monitored as part of the strategic plan. The culture of philanthropy and alumni connection is key to everything we do, and an improved infrastructure and a healthy shared government model are pivotal in order to accomplish the goals within the six core areas. The university continually develops and leverages the conditions necessary for success, which includes enhancing our financial stability, creating lifelong alumni, improving our infrastructure and management of resources, meaningful faculty engagement in shared governance, and the capacity for informed decision-making.

The core areas of Top Tier 2.0 their strategic objectives, tasks, and indicators of achievement express the mission of the university. The core areas describe in broad statements what UNLV plans to accomplish and reflect the values that are shared by faculty and staff. Evaluation of the metrics associated with the indicators of achievement will demonstrate how effectively UNLV is carrying out its mission.

Core Areas

  • Advance Student Achievement
  • Bolster Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity
  • Create UNLV Academic Health
  • Stimulate Socio-Economic Development
  • Foster Community Partnerships
  • Promote Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion

Foundational Core Areas

  • Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement
  • Infrastructure and Shared Governance

We will evaluate our success as a leading research university by our progress on the measures established in each area. As a measure of overall university effectiveness and progress, UNLV will prepare, implement, and disseminate a progress card.

Advance Student Achievement

Student achievement focuses on improving undergraduate student learning outcomes, experiences, and co-curricular opportunities; closing the achievement gap; and financial aid. Graduate student success aims to carve out and optimize opportunities for graduate students. Workforce development is integral to this core area.

Student Achievement

Foster Community Partnerships

The core community partnerships seek to leverage our resources for public good to advance the university and the communities we serve. There will be increased focus on K-12, civic engagement, and community needs as this core area focuses on what we do for our community.

Community Partnerships

Bolster Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Research, scholarship, and creative activity will increase innovation and excellence in research, especially as we develop multiple interdisciplinary opportunities, and seek opportunities that further enhance scholarship and creative activities.

Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Stimulate Socio-Economic Development

Socio-Economic Development is focused on the research park, industry engagement, and entrepreneurship and innovation. It includes the humanistic element, which is why it is named socio-economic.

Socio-Economic Development

Create UNLV Academic Health

UNLV Academic Health will be a leader in health. It will not only provide high-value quality care for the community, but also provide a source of economic diversity for our economy and provide cutting-edge research.

UNLV Academic Health

Promote Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion

Culture is paramount at UNLV, and the core promotes and supports a culture of social justice, equity, and inclusion has been developed. Through cultural change, we will foster an environment that is inclusive, welcoming, and supportive for all.

Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion

Infrastructure and Shared Governance

We enable progress in our cores by continually developing and leveraging the conditions necessary for success, including an improved infrastructure and meaningful faculty engagement.

Infrastructure and Shared Governance

Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement

We will strategically engage in comprehensive and cohesive coordination as we deepen the culture of philanthropy and alumni connection.

Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement