• Exterior view of the SRWC building
  • Exterior view of the SRWC building
  • Interior view of the SRWC building

The SRWC is open!

Check each area of interest for programming and service updates.


Students using the gym
two women standing in front of  a school sign
Patient having teeth cleaned at a Dental Clinic.


  • This exciting and adventurous day on the Colorado river is perfect for first timers as well as seasoned paddlers. Your day will consist of a four-mile paddle to Emerald Cave where we will see the water turn to a beautiful…

  • We’ll hike six miles round trip to the beautiful Arizona Hot Springs and camp overnight. Transportation, food, and equipment are included in price of the trip. “Arizona Hot Springs are located in a dramatic slot canyon that…

  • One of the oldest living things in the State of Nevada is a 3,000 year+ bristlecone pine tree called the “Raintree”. What’s the significance? Bristlecone Pines in the area have been proven to be as old as 5,000 years old,…

  • Join us on a white water rafting trip down the Kern River which is known as the best rafting in southern California! We will spend a half day on the river, Transportation, rafting ticket, and most meals will be included.