The Compensation and Classification unit within the Office of Human Resources is committed to developing and delivering comprehensive classification and compensation models that reflect our growing university and talented workforce. Board of Regents and university guidelines and procedures facilitate our day to day operations in coordination with strategic objectives and transparent governance.

Internal Career Opportunities

Employees within the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE), as well as anyone with current access to NSHE’s Workday system must use the “Find Jobs” process within Workday to find and apply for jobs at UNLV and other NSHE Institutions.


If you have any questions, please contact your college’s compensation and classification specialist.

Service Standards

Service Standards:

Below you’ll find applicable service standards for common requests submitted to Comp/Class. The service standard period initiates as of the date Comp/Class unit receives the request via Workday and, ends as of the date Comp/Class releases a response to the appointing authority. Departments should check the Workday business process flow to determine the date Comp/Class received a unique request.


Request Type: Service Standard*
Create Positions 5-7 days*
Edit Positions/Edit Position Restrictions (for vacant positions) 5-7 days*
Edit Positions/Edit Position Restrictions (for filled positions) 15-20 days*
Stipends 15-20 days*
Reclassifications 30 days*
Promotions (Admin) 45-60 days*
Base Salary Changes (Equity) 45-60 days*
Classified Special Adjustments to Pay 10 days*
Accelerated Steps 5-7 days*

*Service standards may be delayed during peak submissions periods

Title IX

UNLV does not discriminate in its employment practices or in its educational programs or activities, including admissions, on the basis of sex/gender pursuant to Title IX, or on the basis of age (40 or older), disability, whether actual or perceived by others (including service-connected disabilities), gender (including pregnancy related conditions), military status or military obligations, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, national origin, race, color or religion pursuant to Title 4, Chapter 8, Section 13 of the NSHE Handbook.

Reports of discriminatory misconduct, questions regarding Title IX, and/or concerns about noncompliance with Title IX or any other anti-discrimination laws or policies should be directed to UNLV’s Title IX Coordinator Michelle Sposito. The Title IX Coordinator can be reached through the online reporting form, by email at, by phone at 702-895-4055, by mail at 4505 S. Maryland Parkway, Box 451062, Las Vegas, NV, 89154-1062, or in person at Frank and Estella Beam Hall (BEH), Room 555.