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Classified Employee Awards

The Classified Staff Council represents and serves classified employees and is an advisory group to the president of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The council recognizes the importance of being actively involved in creating a more collaborative campus community.

Employee of the Month

Qualifications for Nominees

  • Classified employee at UNLV (either full time, part time or intermittent status)
  • Must have been employed at UNLV for at least 90 days
  • Must not have won the award within the most previous 12 months

Nomination Process

If you know a classified employee who deserves an opportunity at this noteworthy award, please submit your nominations by the 15th of the month, or by the Friday before, should the 15th fall on a weekend.

Nomination forms can be found on the UNLV Today requests sent monthly, this form can be downloaded or requested by emailing Barbara Richards at The completed nomination form can be sent electronically to or submit a hard copy of the nomination form to mail stop 6021.

Classified Staff Award Ceremony

The Classified Staff Award Ceremony is an annual event celebrating and honoring staff members of UNLV. Members are recognized for their service to UNLV (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service as well as those that retired). Employee and Rookie of the Year are awarded and many door prizes are donated.

President's Classified Employee and Rookie of the Year

Nominations for the Presidents Classified Employee of the Year and Rookie of the Year are accepted a month prior to the Annual Classified Staff Awards Ceremony in the Summer. If you would like to nominate a classified employee who excels on the job, has a superb work ethic, or is an outstanding employee in some other way, please submit a nomination. Multiple nominations can be submitted. Awards will be presented at the Classified Staff Awards Ceremony.

Please join us in congratulating the following winners:

2021 Awardees/Nominees

2021 President's Classified Employee of the Year

2021 President's Classified Employee of the Year Nominees

  • Antwanette Johnson, Admissions/Records
  • Casey Sierra, Facility Maintenance
  • Cassandra Davidson-Bryant, Academic Success Center
  • Chi McCarthy, Dental Medicine - Clinical Sciences
  • Deana Wilson, University Registrar Operations
  • Deborah Salazar-Bieber, Undergraduate Admissions Processing
  • Gadine Whitaker, Hospitality - Administration and Account
  • Heather Nepa, Anthropology Lead Support
  • Jay Lucero, Thomas & Mack - Computer Services
  • Marcela Kofford, Business Masters of Business Administration Support
  • Marie Arroyo, Management Entrepreneurship and Technology
  • Melissa Rodriguez, Political Science
  • Miriam Lindwall, Student Wellness - Student Counseling and Psychology Administrative

2021 President's Classified Employee Rookie of the Year

2021 President's Classified Employee Rookie of the Year Nominees

  • Anarely Marin, UNLV Counselor Education, School Psychology, and Human Resources
  • Bretson Mann, College of Science Dean’s Office
  • Caitlin Moscato, Interdisciplinary Degree Programs
  • Kanikka Wofford, Office of Decision Support

2020 Awardees/Nominees

2020 President's Classified Employee of the Year

  • 1st Place - Theresa Boucher, Lee Business School, Office of the Dean
  • 2nd Place – Colin Tewey, UNLV University Services
  • 3rd Place – Ruth McKoin, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education

2020 President's Classified Employee of the Year Nominees

  • Arturo Baltazar, Human Resources
  • Darcey Blaine-Labuguen, Office of Information Technology
  • Josie Boyle, Early Childhood Education
  • Heng-Wei Cheng, UNLV Libraries
  • Anna Drury, Lee Business School
  • Gilda Holliday, Facilities Management
  • James Kearney, Landscape Grounds
  • Marcela Kofford, Lee Business School MBA Programs
  • Allison Laney, School of Public Health
  • Marsha MacDuff, Student Affairs,/ Campus Life Business Office
  • Kristina Mejia, College of Education - Deans Office
  • Nanette Meyer, UNLV Teaching and Learning
  • Linda Nishball-Lee, Student Accounts and Cashiering
  • Francisco Orozco Maciel, UNLV Payroll
  • Rakitha Perera, Office of Information Technology
  • Wayne Pirtle, Student Union and Event Services
  • Brianna Silverio, English
  • Karleen Smith, UNLV Dental Medicine
  • Sandra Stevens, UNLV Libraries

2020 President's Classified Employee Rookie of the Year

2020 President's Classified Employee Rookie of the Year Nominees

  • Colleen Cleveland-Zepeda, Human Resources Salary Administration
  • Ariel Davis, School of Medicine
  • Ajax Delvecki, UNLV Libraries
  • Darla Doerfler, Lee Business School
  • Sherri Gorter, School of Public Health
  • Candyann Humphries, School of Medicine
  • Shaina McNeely, School of Education
  • Cesar Prietto, School of Architecture
  • Tifara Rachal, School of Dental Medicine
  • Kim Seifert, Business Affairs, SVP Finance
  • Tess West Melendez, Human Resources Salary Administration
  • Breann Wickson, Marketing & International Business

2019 Awardees/Nominees

2019 President's Classified Employee of the Year

  • 1st Place - Tamara Marino, Education & Information Officer with the Office of Community Engagement
  • 2nd Place – Rakita Perera, Graphic Designer II with Information Technology - Projects, Planning, and Assessment
  • 3rd Place – Patricia Butler, Administrative Assistant III with the Department of Finance

2019 President's Classified Employee of the Year Nominees

  • Violeta Aromin - Foundation Finance
  • Theresa Boucher - Lee Business School
  • Cassandra Davidson-Bryant - Academic Success Operations
  • Anna Drury - Business External Relations
  • Cindy Lee - Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Mary Yedinak - Honors College

2019 President's Classified Employee Rookie of the Year

  • 1st Place – Joanna DiBella - Executive Vice President & Provost Office

2019 President's Classified Employee Rookie of the Year Nominees

  • Remedios Almanzan - Department of Criminal Justice
  • Daniela Lopez - Department of Theatre
  • Leena Lopez - School of Architecture
  • Eva Perez - Information Technology Human Resources
  • Breann Wickson - Marketing & International Business
  • Tanya Williams - Foundation Information Technology & Records

Milestone Anniversary

The Classified Staff Council as well as the President’s office recognize the five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, and thirty-plus years of service milestones of UNLV’s Classified Employees.

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