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UNLV has created one of the most affirmative and dynamic academic environments in the country. We pride ourselves in celebrating the diversity of our students, faculty and staff. We embrace core values of equity, and inclusion by listening to others with an open mind, and supporting each other in our differences.

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First-generation students
Group of seven multicultural and multiracial students jumping in the air on the stage of a darkened theatre. There are red letters U-N-L-V are behind them.

Identity Groups

UNLV's faculty and staff are committed to creating an environment where students thrive as they prepare for fulfilling careers and lives.

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Signature Events

Overview of the UNLV campus at dusk

Hate Uncycled: What’s on your mind?

Join this series of campus conversations showcasing how UNLV and its students, faculty, staff and alumni are engaging with and responding to some of today’s most pressing issues.

Two women on a TV set.

We Need to Talk: Conversations on Racism for a More Resilient Las Vegas

This virtual educational series will feature university and community experts discussing issues on race and seeking solutions for a more inclusive society.

University Statements and Compliance

Learn about the University’s commitment and policies on diversity.


Black students at Commencement ceremony
Students pose for camera.
We are U-N-L-V

Diversity Support

An inclusive workplace culture makes diversity work. We strive to provide a supportive, inclusive campus through administrative initiatives, resources, and committees.

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What's Happening

Commercial building with Asian architecture at night with car lights streaming
Mar. 2, 2021

Four students have joined the UNLV Oral History Research Center to conduct interviews from the region’s Asian American & Pacific Islander communities.

nurse in jacket with stethoscope in simulation center
Mar. 1, 2021

Accompanying her pediatrician father on house calls helped shape nursing professor Kathleen Thimsen's career.

Campus scene at desk with person using wheelchair in distance
Mar. 1, 2021

Mobility Magazine publication highlights Disability Resource Center, accesibility efforts on campus.


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