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Department of Anthropology
Department of English
  • Bachelor of Arts in English
    Available Options:
    • Concentration in Creative Writing
    • Concentration in Professional Writing
    • Concentration in Literature
    • Concentration in Cultural Studies
    • Concentration in Writing and Rhetoric
  • Minor in English
  • Master of Arts - English
    Available Options:
    • Literature Emphasis Track - Thesis
    • Literature Emphasis Track - Non-Thesis
    • Writing and Rhetoric Track - Thesis
    • Writing and Rhetoric Track - Non-Thesis
    • Advanced Track - Thesis
    • Advanced Track - Non-Thesis
  • Doctor of Philosophy - English
    Available Options:
    • Post-Master’s Literature Track
    • Post-Bachelor’s Literature Track
    • Creative Dissertation Track
    • English Literature Track
Department of History
  • Bachelor of Arts in History
  • Minor in History
  • Master of Arts - History
    Available Options:
    • United States History Track
    • European History Track
    • Asian History Track
    • Teaching History Track
    • Non-Thesis Track
    • Thesis Track
  • Doctor of Philosophy - History
    Available Options:
    • Post-Bachelor’s – North American West Track
    • Post-Bachelor’s – North American Culture and Society Track
    • Post-Bachelor’s – European Culture and Society Track
    • Post-Master’s – North American West Track
    • Post-Master’s – North American Culture and Society Track
    • Post-Master’s European Culture and Society Track
Department of Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies
Department of Philosophy
Department of Political Science
Department of Psychology
Department of Sociology
Department of World Languages and Cultures