Doctor of Philosophy - English

The Ph.D. program in English is a highly specialized program designed to train students for careers in teaching at the college or university level and to develop in them a capacity for research, original thought, and writing that ordinarily accompanies such careers. The doctoral program in focused on literary study although a concentration of six credits may be earned in composition studies. Within the first three semesters of course work the student chooses three areas in which to specialize: (1) a chronological period, (2) a literary genre, and (3) either an additional chronological period, a major author chosen from outside the chronological period and approved by the student’s advisory committee, or a special topic approved by the student’s advisory committee. All subsequent course work is devoted to developing a high degree of professional competence and knowledge in the three chosen areas of specialization. Such knowledge is tested in a qualifying examination and is also the basis upon which the student writes a doctoral dissertation.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will develop a capability for professional research critical thinking, and publishable writing.
  • Students will develop expertise in a chronological period, a literary genre, and an additional period, major author, or special topic.
  • Students will demonstrate a reading knowledge of two languages other than English or proficiency in one.

Representative Syllabi