Bachelor of Arts in English

The Bachelor of Arts in English follows a course of historical and topical study in the English language and the literatures of Britain and the United States, as well as related English-language traditions across the globe, and also in world literature in English translation. Students are trained in composition and proceed with a solid grounding in practical criticism and critical theory to explore literature as an artistic medium and an intellectual discipline. They acquire skills in writing and textual analysis designed to complement other academic studies, and later to enhance professional skills and to achieve personal goals.

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Learning Objectives

  • Students will demonstrate familiarity with major authors, works, genres, and movements in British, American, and Anglophone literatures.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to read, write, and think critically.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of English language, literary history, and linguistics.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of theoretical and critical methods.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of multi-ethnic literature.

Program Information