The minor in history provides students with the opportunity to engage in in-depth study of the past and its connections to the present to learn the processes of historical inquiry, improve their skills in research and writing as well as oral presentation, and prepare them for a variety of possible professions that require these skills.


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Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the changing nature of historical interpretation and the ability to make independent judgments about conflicting historical interpretations.
  • Demonstrate training in the collection, analysis and evaluation of historical information.
  • Demonstrate training in critical thinking and the ability to construct a cogent argument on the basis of historical information.
  • Demonstrate training in clarity of expression orally and in writing.

Career Possibilities

A degree in history provides students with the skills necessary for success in a wide range of careers and professions ranging from business to law, social services, and education. The department seeks to train majors in the specific skills and knowledge necessary for public school teaching and for graduate student in history or in professional schools. For more information about specific careers and job openings, the UNLV History Department encourages its students to refer to the American Historical Association’s Guide to Careers in History.


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Minor in History