Master of Arts - English

The Master’s of Arts in English program comprises course work at the graduate level in English and American literature and in language studies and composition theory. A thesis is optional, but recommended, for both the literature emphasis and the language studies/composition theory emphasis. Work toward this degree is designed to supplement and enhance the student’s undergraduate study in the field of English and to familiarize the student with professional standards, methods of research, and modes of thought in the discipline.

Possession of this degree normally leads to advancement in the teaching profession for secondary-school teachers, to careers in writing, publishing, and editing, or to further study in English at the doctoral level.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will achieve an thorough knowledge of British and American literature. Within the language and composition theory emphasis, students will focus equally on language and composition theory and grammar.
  • Students will study research methods, pedagogical approaches, and modes of critical thought in the discipline.
  • Students will demonstrate competence in the reading of one foreign language as well as knowledge of the history of the English language.

Representative Syllabi