Master of Arts - Hispanic Studies

The M.A. program in Hispanic Studies is a flexible program, allowing students to concentrate on culture, linguistics, literature and translation. The program aims to meet the need of students interested in a wide variety of professions, including teaching.

Learning Objectives

  • Write grammatically and lexically accurate Spanish and demonstrate an ability to write spontaneously in Spanish with a fair degree of accuracy and clarity.
  • Discuss academic topics, read on an advanced level, and write analytically on literary and cultural topics.
  • Be familiar with basic concepts of Hispanic linguistics.
  • Be familiar with major literary movements and the history of Spanish or Latin American literature along with the primary author.
  • Understand the nature and development of the culture of Spain or Latin America.
  • Learn the process of basic scholarly research.
  • Acquire broad linguistic, cultural or literary knowledge and acquire substantial knowledge in three sub-areas of Hispanic Studies based on a reading list provided by the department. Students must not only show a broad yet detailed knowledge of their subject on a comprehensive written examination, but also be able to discuss their chosen fields in an oral examination.
  • Students qualifying and choosing the project option are expected to familiarize themselves with relevant theories and bibliographical material on their chosen topic. They must be able to develop a theme or thesis based on appropriate methodology, sound arguments, and insightful discussion. Finally they need to demonstrate their ability to write correct and polished Spanish and to defend their project in an oral examination.
  • Be familiar with the history, theory, and application of translation.

Career Possibilities

The M.A. in Hispanic Studies offers further development in Spanish language skills, preparation for further graduate study toward the Ph.D., for other professional fields, such as law, medicine, business and government and for the teaching of Spanish in high school.

Graduate Catalog

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