The Asian and Asian American Studies program focuses on the dynamic social, cultural, political, linguistic, literary, artistic, and historical aspects Asian and Asian American life. The program's transnational emphasis and research-intensive curriculum trains students in diverse areas of Asian, Pacific Islander, and Asian American communities, especially the historical experiences and contemporary practices and lifeways of Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Thai, Vietnamese, indigenous Hawaiian, and other Asian and Pacific Islanders. The degree prepares students for careers in government and teaching, as well as in areas of international business, law, consulting, tourism, and media.


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Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the disciplines of Asian Studies and Asian American Studies by:

  • Describing the wide range of Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander cultures and communities.
  • Recognizing the historical and contemporary significance of Asia and the Pacific in world politics.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of the dynamic traditions and practices of one or more Asian, Asian American, and/or Pacific Islander groups.
  • Describing and analyzing historical sources, literary texts, and popular and material culture of Asia, the Pacific, and Asian America.   
  • Demonstrating the ability to recognize and understand the complex political and economic relationships within Asia and the Pacific and the United States, as well as between other regions in an increasingly globalized world.


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Bachelor of Arts in Asian and Asian American Studies


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