Minor in Gerontology

The Gerontology Minor at UNLV is your doorway to career opportunities in the field of aging. Nevada and the greater Clark County area are fast becoming the home of senior adults. This expansion is leading to many new career opportunities in the field of aging, and the minor in Gerontology offers a comprehensive training program that prepares students to effectively work with older adults in a wide variety of settings

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Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrate awareness of the aging process and the role/place of older adults in society.
  2. Examine inequality across the life course and its disparate impact in later life.
  3. Understand  the impact of population aging on society in general.
  4. Articulate and apply theories, methods and critical perspectives relevant to the interdisciplinary study of gerontology.
  5. Build an intellectual foundation as a basis for further study and taking advantage of career opportunities in aging.


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