Master of Arts - Anthropology

The Master of Arts program in Anthropology trains students broadly in both anthropological theory and method. Students receive a first-rate classroom-based education combined with exceptional opportunities for practical laboratory and field experience. Research skills are developed through designing and completing an original research project. Our curriculum is designed to develop critical thinking, reading and writing skills to prepare students for a variety of jobs or to continue their academic studies in pursuit of a higher degree.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an advanced knowledge of general anthropological theory and information, and a detailed comprehension of a specific subject area.
  • Be able to critically evaluate anthropological theories and arguments, and be able to construct sound anthropological interpretations.
  • Be able to develop research questions and identify the appropriate methods by which to address the questions.  Be able to design and complete original research on an anthropological topic.
  • Obtain competency in written and oral communication.  Be able to effectively communicate, through written manuscripts and oral presentations, information to professional audiences.
  • Obtain experience in the application of anthropological theory and methods.
  • Become familiar with the ethical standards involved in conducting anthropological research.

Career Possibilities

Diverse career options exist for individuals holding an M.A. degree in Anthropology. Our graduates are trained to be competitive for a wide range of jobs that demand critical thinking, effective communication skills, and an understanding of global and multicultural issues. Students in our M.A. program tailor their studies to their specific areas of interest. Below are some of some of the most common jobs that students receiving an M.A. degree may be come qualified to hold:

  • Archaeological Project
  • Director
  • Museum Curator
  • Museum Interpreter
  • Cultural Resource Specialist
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Public health worker
  • Peace Corps Worker
  • Non Governmental Organizational Employee
  • Corporate Anthropologist
  • Historic Preservationist
  • Grant Writer
  • Ethnographer
  • Tourist Guide

Graduate Catalog

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