Doctor of Philosophy - Political Science

The Department of Political Science offers a general Ph.D. degree with concentrations in American Politics (including public policy and public law), Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory. Beyond mastering the substantive content in these fields of study and developing their own research agendas, students are expected to develop a strong understanding of the tools and approaches central to the scientific study of politics. The program requires students to complete 60 credits beyond the Bachelor of Arts or 48 credits beyond the Master of Arts. The program seeks to prepare students for both academic and non-academic careers. The former includes academic positions at colleges and universities, and the latter includes employment with public, private, and non-profit organizations and institutions. It is expected that the students will complete the program in five to six years.

Learning Objectives

  • To prepare students for job opportunities in higher education and the private sector.
  • To develop advanced theoretical and methodological knowledge in the major fields of Political Science.
  • To allow students to acquire the appropriate research skills to engage in high quality original scholarship.
  • To develop the ability to write competent, sophisticated research publishable in peer-reviewed outlets.

Graduate Catalog

The graduate catalog is the official repository of the graduate program requirements, and Graduate College policies.

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