Faculty Resources

The Graduate College offers an array of resources to assist graduate faculty and staff as you guide your students’ graduate education, work with Graduate Assistants, and support their graduate research, scholarship, and creative activity. If you have questions about any issue related to graduate students or graduate education, please feel free to contact the Graduate Dean, Associate Dean, or members of our GC staff; we are happy to assist.

  • Review the roles and responsibilities associated with this essential position.

  • All Graduate Coordinators are members of the Graduate Council and serve on at least one graduate committee.

  • Information on how to make changes to the graduate curriculum

  • Information for the latest Graduate College electronic initiatives. Helpful tutorials will assist you as you navigate our various electronic and online information systems.

  • Graduate Faculty Fellows work with the Graduate College Leadership on important graduate education initiatives.

  • Annual award to recognize outstanding graduate leaders

  • Resources to support graduate student mentoring and teaching

  • Annual award to recognize outstanding student mentorship by graduate faculty

  • Apply for graduate faculty status or renew your status in order to serve on student committees and teach graduate-level coursework, and review the rights and responsibilities associated with being a member of the UNLV graduate faculty.

  • Learn how to appoint graduate assistants and review GA policies and procedures.

  • Annual award to recognize a graduate student who has excelled in front of the classroom

  • Important documents such as the latest Graduate Catalog

  • Graduate student research support

  • Financial support for graduate students

  • Annual awards to recognize outstanding scholarship

  • Review and use this important resource to easily mentor your graduate students through their program milestones and Graduate College requirements from admission through graduation.

  • Competitive program to support doctoral research

  • Graduate writing development presents unique challenges to faculty. On this page, you will find helpful guidance and resources to support your work in this area.