How to Use Forms in the Grad Rebel Gateway

How to Use Forms in the Grad Rebel Gateway

Using the Forms

You must have Adobe Reader to download and print the PDF forms below. If you are experiencing problems with any of the forms, please make sure to get the latest updates available for your version of Adobe® Reader®.

Information can now be typed directly into the fields of PDF and Word forms, which must then be printed out for required signatures to be obtained. Please note that you cannot submit PDF and Word forms online.

Attention: Students and Graduate Coordinators, please check the following list to see what Graduate College forms require your college dean's signature.

Forms Checklist

When a graduate student submits her/his first graduate college form (usually the Degree Plan Requirements form), you will have a MyUNLV "To Do" checklist of all the graduate college forms required of you up to graduation. Please note some important facts about your forms checklist that will help you understand what you need to do, and avoid confusion:

  1. Note that the MyUNLV checklist due date for ALL forms will be the day after your first form is entered by graduate college staff, but this does not mean that all of your forms are due immediately! This just means that they are due at some interval between then and graduation. Click on the form to see a brief description of when it is due, or please see the graduate student timeline page of our website to determine when each form is due: Graduate Study Timeline.
  2. If you change degree programs or your culminating experience or your committee, or if you are requesting a policy waiver, you may at some point need a form that is not listed on your MyUNLV checklist to address the specific situation. For your reference, all graduate college forms are available below.
  3. Here are the codes that you will see in your MyUNLV Graduate Student Forms check-list:
    Forms Checklist (GCFRMS)
    Status Description
    Active Form received by the GC Front Office
    Cancelled Form no longer required by the GC
    Completed Degree conferred all forms completed
    Initiated Form required by the GC
    Notified Notified student of status
    Received Form processed successfully
    Returned Form not processed and returned to department
  4. Here is a brief description of what each code actually means:
    • ACTIVE means that the GC has received your form and it is being processed.
    • CANCELED means that the form is no longer required by the GC.
    • COMPLETED means that we have received all of your forms and you have earned your degree (congratulations!).
    • INITIATED means that the GC has indicated that you need to submit this form at the time indicated by the Graduate Student Timeline.
    • NOTIFIED means that there is a question or problem with this form and the student has been notified about the issue and what needs to be done (notification will be via RebelMail or MyUNLV - please check both regularly).
    • RECEIVED means that the form has been submitted, processed, and is approved by the GC.
    • RETURNED means that there was a problem with the form and it was not processed by the GC and routed back to the department to address the issue.

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