The Graduate College requires the use of generic UNLVMail accounts by department chairs and graduate coordinators. These generic email accounts were implemented in late 2018 and necessitated by the move to fully electronic forms. Although necessary for electronic forms, these generic accounts also aid in establishing stability and preserving knowledge; although graduate coordinators and chairs change at regular intervals, these accounts will remain and provide new graduate coordinators or department chairs access to prior communications to and from the person formerly in the role.

Key Info and Tips

  • The Graduate College facilitated the creation of these accounts en masse in 2018.
  • Forms are routed electronically to particular positions for signatures (i.e. graduate coordinators, chairs, deans), depending on the form.
  • Generic accounts may be forwarded to a personal UNLV.EDU account. As new programs and/or departments are created, the Graduate College will facilitate the creation of new generic email accounts through the Office of Information Technology, but the Graduate College is not the owner of these accounts. Ownership is assigned to the person in the role of graduate coordinator/department chair.
  • Once created, the account name may not be changed unless permission has been granted by the dean of the Graduate College.
  • Graduate College staff will never have access to log in to any of these accounts and will not monitor them in any way.

Action Items for Graduate Coordinators/Department Chairs

  • If desired, the owner of the account is responsible for setting up email forwarding and delegation.
  • If you are no longer in the graduate coordinator/department chair role you must request that ownership of the account be transferred to the appropriate person by: 1) notifying OIT and 2) informing the Graduate College Systems & Data team.
  • You are responsible for ensuring only faculty/staff with legitimate business needs are delegated access to these accounts.