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We promote excellence in graduate education and foster a community of graduate faculty and student scholars characterized by diversity, opportunity, openness to new ideas, and the production of cutting-edge knowledge and creative activity. With more than 155 specialized graduate programs where students are inspired to rise to the challenge of excellence and innovation, our faculty and graduate student research, scholarship, and creative activities make an enduring positive impact on our community.

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Your contribution provides invaluable resources to support our graduate students, expand their educational and professional opportunities, and change both their career paths and their lives. No matter where your passions or interests lie, the Graduate College works with a diverse array of more than 5,000 graduate and professional students from more than 145 areas of academic specialization.

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Empower the Graduate College to address evolving student support and professional development program needs to support our students’ success and our Top Tier goals.

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Join the inner-circle of Graduate College supporters and help guide us as we take concrete steps toward achieving our Top Tier goals with a gift of $1,000 or more each year.

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Assist the Graduate College in offering a variety of merit-based scholarships and fellowships to help offset the cost of graduate education for students. A named scholarship can be established with a gift of $5,000 or more.

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Financially support our best and brightest students so that they can focus on their studies and develop their professional skills. Organizations looking to accelerate research in their field can sponsor Community Graduate Research Assistantships (view an example). Organizations looking to promote professional development opportunities can sponsor Community Internship Graduate Assistantships. Contact Liz Kahane to discuss financial support for graduate assistantships.

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Sponsor graduate signature programming in fall 2019.

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Take advantage of exciting and highly visible naming opportunities to more rapidly realize the Graduate College’s Top Tier aspirations and make a lasting impact on UNLV and Southern Nevada. Please contact Liz Kahane, Director of Development, at 702-895-3429 or

My passion as a social scientist is explaining human behavior and the emergent social order, but pursing one’s passion can be costly. Scholarships and fellowships reduced these costs, allowing me to immerse myself in my studies, distraction-free.

Matthew Martinez
Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology