Graduate Faculty Status

Graduate Faculty status affords the privilege to interact with students as a member of the UNLV Graduate Faculty. You must obtain Graduate Faculty status to be eligible to teach graduate courses and participate on graduate student committees. Please note that Graduate Faculty status is not related to professorial ranking. There are two levels of Graduate Faculty status:

  • Associate Graduate Status enables faculty (and those with terminal degrees and experience in their field) to teach specific graduate-level courses and to serve as members of graduate student committees. Associate graduate faculty may not be the sole chair of a graduate student committee, nor may they serve as the Graduate College representative on graduate student committees.
  • Full Graduate Status is automatic for tenure track and tenured faculty (one initial application is necessary so that we are aware that they are on campus and qualify), and this enables faculty to chair graduate student committees, sit on graduate committees, serve as the Graduate College representative on committees, and to teach graduate-level courses. This privilege may be suspended or revoked upon review and recommendation of your College Dean and Chair, per college guidelines. Some non-tenure track and non-tenured individuals with terminal degrees and experience in their fields may be granted Full Graduate Status, but with limitations as described in the Graduate Faculty Status guidelines.

Please see the Graduate Faculty Status guidelines for additional information.

To Apply for Graduate Faculty Status

  • Submit an application (forms below) and curriculum vitae for review and approval by the academic department and then your college dean.
  • After department and college approval, the application and vitae should be submitted to the Graduate College for final approval and implementation.


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