Salesforce User Accounts

Full-time faculty or staff employed by UNLV are eligible to receive a Salesforce user account. The Graduate College pays for every Graduate Coordinator to have an account, plus up to two user licenses per department, and an additional user license per college. Extra user licenses may be purchased, at cost, for $192 per year. To request a new account or to revoke access, please contact the Graduate College at

Generic Department Chair and Graduate Coordinator UNLVMail Accounts


RebelDocs is an online document storage and management system built on a software called OnBase. It is a web-based application and uses the single sign-on method. To activate your account, go here and click on the “Login to RebelDocs” button. For the best compatibility, Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for accessing RebelDocs. Graduate coordinators, chairs, and deans must use the ACE account credentials associated with their generic email address to log in. After logging in to RebelDocs for the first time, please contact so that we can give you the correct user access. All other staff should email and copy their graduate coordinator and/or chair to request access.


iThenticate is a new internet based service that is available to full time graduate faculty, all doctoral students, and advanced Masters students (those who have completed 15+ graduate credits in your degree program). iThenticate was developed by Turnitin and it allows you to scan your own research, grant proposals, article drafts, professional papers, theses, and dissertations for missed citations and other mistakes that could be characterized as plagiarism, thereby protecting the integrity of your scholarship and your professional reputation.