Who can help me in the Graduate College?

A complete listing of contact information, our organizational chart, and our staff listing are all available here online.

How can I obtain additional information about opportunities for financial aid, scholarships, fellowships, or assistantships for my graduate students?

Please contact the Office of Graduate Financial Aid & Scholarships for assistance at 895-3970 or visit the office, located in FDH 301. You can also review the financing options information available online at Financing Options.

How do I obtain graduate faculty status?

You must apply for and maintain your graduate faculty status to teach graduate students and participate on graduate student advisory (thesis and dissertation) committees.

How often do I need to renew my graduate faculty status?

Review the Graduate Faculty Status policy and guidelines (approved by the Graduate Council in 2008) and download GFS forms.

Where is the Graduate Curriculum Committee?

There are two graduate curriculum committees. One is the Graduate Course Review Committee. The other is the Graduate Programs Committee.

When is the next Course Review Committee meeting?

The Course Review Committee typically meets once a month during the course of each semester. Refer to the list of dates for upcoming meetings.

What is the process for suggesting new graduate-level programs or certificates, or to make changes to an existing graduate program?

Refer to the Graduate Curriculum Changes page for information about the process and forms.

What is the difference between the Graduate Programs Committee and the Program Review Committee?

The Graduate Programs Committee reviews, recommends, and/or approves changes to existing graduate programs or the establishment of new graduate certificate or degree programs. The Program Review Committee works closely with the Faculty Senate to facilitate the standard five and 10 year academic department reviews when graduate programs are involved.

What is the difference between the Graduate Course Review Committee and the Graduate Programs Committee?

Any department with a graduate program that seeks to create and add new courses at the 500, 600, or 700 level would do so through the Graduate Course Review Committee process; the same is true for graduate departments that seek to make changes to existing graduate courses (title, description, number of credits, prerequisites, etc.). If, however, a department wants to create a new graduate certificate, a new graduate program, or make changes to existing graduate certificates or programs (including a change in the degree program requirements, a change of required courses, a change to the culminating experience, etc.), these all go to the Graduate Programs Committee.

Do I have to participate in the graduate student appeal process when my students submit an Appeal?

Yes. It is your responsibility as a Graduate Faculty member. Learn more about the appeal process here.

Who assigns state funding for graduate assistants?

The Graduate College assigns state funding for GAs to Deans, who then allocate it to Departments/Schools. Departments and Schools then appoint their GAs (both State funded and externally funded) through the Graduate College. All processing and appoint offers and paperwork is done through the Graduate College. Here is helpful information for those who wish to hire a graduate assistant.

How do I request student data?

You may submit a FOCUS report request form online. Additionally, the Office of Decision Support offers a variety of reports and dashboards with helpful campus data.

Where do I view applicant/student test scores?

Access to applicant/student test scores is available through PeopleSoft. To request access, please send an email to PSTraining@unlv.edu with the subject line "MyUNLV View Test Score Access". Be sure to include your NSHE ID, and the specific test scores you will need access to view in the email (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc.).