The UNLV Faculty Senate serves the students, faculty and administration through the work of its committees. Every committee, through its specific charges, contributes to the shared governance, academic rigor and professional ethos of the university. Faculty of every college/unit elect representatives to each committee. As seen below, there is a committee to peak anyone’s interest.

Service on faculty senate committees is both an honor and a serious responsibility for a UNLV faculty member, as these committees’ decisions impact curriculum, academic policy, personnel and careers, student achievement, innovation and advancement. To that end, committee members should always provide a proxy if they are unable to attend. Proxies may not be appointed to the Academic Freedom and Ethics Committee; Academic Standards Committee; Executive Committee; Grievance Committee; or Tenure and Promotion Committee.

Due to the sensitive nature of some information shared in committee meetings, all members of all committees must sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the senate is the governing body of the Faculty Senate. They meet regularly a week prior to senate meetings to create the agenda for the meeting. They also meet regularly with the president and the provost to discuss issues of immediate concern, to receive updates about current activities, and to both provide advice and seek advice.

Senior Senators

The Faculty Senate Constitution stipulates that each unit shall have one senator designated as the Senior Senator. The senior senator is defined as the person with the least time remaining in a current three-year term, or the person with most seniority.