The Intercollegiate Athletic Council works with athletics to maintain standards for student athletes. The process for selection of representatives to the committee is covered separately in the Faculty Senate Bylaws:

  • 7.1 Consistent with the UNLV Athletic Code, the Senate shall submit nominees to the President for appointment to the Intercollegiate Athletic Council (IAC).
  • 7.2 At the request of the President for nominees to the IAC the following procedures will be followed :
    • The Senate Chair will announce a call for nominations at the first regularly scheduled Senate meeting immediately after receiving the President's request.
    • At the next Senate meeting, the Senate shall nominate a slate of candidates for the IAC to be forwarded to the President for consideration.
  • 7.3 The Senate invites the Chair of the IAC to submit regular reports and copies of minutes of council meetings to the Senate Office.

The Intercollegiate Athletic Code establishes guidelines for conduct of intercollegiate athletics. Title X of the code is the bylaws of the council.


College of Education

Nancy Lough (Chair)

College of Fine Arts


College of Hotel Administration

Gail Sammons

College of Liberal Arts

Brad Donohue

Timothy Erwin

Robert Futtrell

Richard Harp