Grievances from the faculty are a serious matter. They are given serious and timely consideration within the Faculty Senate. A separate appendix of the Faculty Senate Bylaws details the deadlines, steps and procedure for consideration of a grievance. In addition to the procedures in the appendix, the senate bylaws charge:

6.8 The Grievance Committee shall periodically review policy regarding grievances, recommending revisions in current policy whenever desirable. It shall also investigate grievances involving faculty and administrative faculty.

The committee is a large pool of administrators and faculty from which the Chair of the Faculty Senate will select members to consider an individual grievance.

  • 4 tenured academic faculty from each degree granting college and school
  • 4 tenured librarians
  • 18 administrative faculty members
  • 2 administration representatives
  • 2 alternate administration representatives
  • The following administrative faculty units will have three representatives each on the committee:
    • Administration
    • Finance
    • President
    • Provost
    • Student Affairs
    • University and Community Relations