General Education Committee

General Education reviews policy regarding general education. It supports the University Undergraduate Learning Outcomes as an essential part of curriculum. It determines what classes may be designated Multicultural, International, or First and Second Year Seminars. Consistent with general education reform passed by the Faculty Senate in fall 2011, general education addresses new minimum course criteria by which distribution content area courses (Humanities and Fine Arts; Life and Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences) are evaluated. It rules on exceptions and waivers to the general education requirements, and, if necessary, grants modifications in the core requirements. As stated in the UNLV Faculty Senate Bylaws:

  • 6.7 The General Education Committee shall periodically review policy regarding general education, recommending revisions in current policy whenever desirable. It shall also be responsible for:
    • 6.7.1 Ruling on exceptions to the general education requirements and if necessary, granting modifications in the core requirements sufficient to restore previously existing graduation requirements in programs, departments or colleges.
    • 6.7.2 Reviewing content areas in the general education core, adding or deleting courses or content as necessary.
    • 6.7.3 Monitoring the general education program to ensure appropriate implementation.

The General Education Committee serves an important and essential responsibility in faculty’s participation in shared governance. Members serve two-year terms.

General Education Committee Meetings

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Jacob Thompson
Urban Affairs
Term expires July 1, 2018

School of Business

Bill Robinson
Term expires July 1, 2018

College of Education

Maggie Huerta
Educational & Clinical Studies
Term expires July 1, 2018

College of Engineering

Haroon Stephen
Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction
Term expires July 1, 2019

College of Fine Arts

Anthony Barone
Term expires July 1, 2018

Division of Health Sciences

Shona Rue
Term expires July 1, 2018

College of Hotel Administration

Yen-Soon Kim
Food, Beverage, and Event Management
Term expires July 1, 2018

School of Law


College of Liberal Arts

Diane Villa
Term expires July 1, 2019

College of Sciences

Rohan Dalpatadu
Term expires July 1, 2019

College of Urban Affairs

Karu Hangawatte
Criminal Justice
Term expires July 1, 2019