Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the senate is the governing body of the Faculty Senate. It is composed of the chair, the vice chair, the secretary, the past chair, and three senators, one of whom is an administrative faculty and two who may be either academic or administrative. They meet regularly a week prior to senate meetings to create the agenda for the meeting. They also meet regularly with the president and the provost to discuss issues of immediate concern, to receive updates about current activities, and to both provide advice and seek advice. They are usually the first stop for administrators seeking “buy-in” and support from faculty for initiatives of an academic or personnel nature. They deal with immediate inquiries and solicitations, approve emeritus requests, make recommendations for appointments, and provide counsel to the chair on the focus and direction of the senate. The secretary and the three senate representatives serve one year terms with no term limit. The chair, the vice chair and past chair rotate through the executive as their terms expire.



Shannon Sumpter
College of Fine Arts - Theatre

Vice Chair

Rhonda Montgomery

Past Chair

Vicki Rosser
College of Education - Educational Psychology and Higher Education


Elaine Bunker
College of Liberal Arts - English

At-Large Senator

Jacob Thompson
College of Urban Affairs - Communication Studies

At-Large Senator

Doris Watson
College of Education - Educational Psychology and Higher Education

Administrative Senator

Latoya Burdiss
Associate Director of Recreation Programs