Honors: 2020 Tenure Recipients

Interim Executive Vice President and Provost Chris Heavey congratulates faculty who have received tenure commencing July 1. The tenure recommendations were approved at the Board of Regents meeting on March 5.

Those faculty are:

  • Scott Abella, College of Sciences
  • Stephen Benning, College of Liberal Arts
  • Maile Chapman, College of Liberal Arts
  • Lung-Wen Antony Chen, School of Public Health
  • Chih-Chien Chen, William F. Harrah College of Hospitality
  • Kate Hamilton, College of Fine Arts
  • Mira Han, College of Sciences
  • Shichun Huang, College of Sciences
  • Margarita Huerta, College of Education
  • James Hyman, College of Liberal Arts
  • Si Jung Kim, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering
  • Emily Lapworth, University Libraries
  • Katrina Liu, College of Education
  • Rebecca Martin, College of Sciences
  • Ian McDonough, Lee Business School
  • Jaeyun Moon, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering
  • Fatma Nasoz, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering
  • Susanna Newbury, College of Fine Arts
  • Won-Yong Oh, Lee Business School
  • Harsha Perera, College of Education
  • Frederic Poineau, College of Sciences
  • Brach Poston, School of Integrated Health Sciences
  • Aaron Saiewitz, Lee Business School
  • Jeffrey Schauer, College of Liberal Arts
  • Reimund Serafica, School of Nursing
  • Julia Silvernail, School of Integrated Health Sciences
  • Ikseon Suh, Lee Business School
  • Hong Sun, College of Sciences
  • Arya Udry, College of Sciences
  • Olesya Venger, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
  • Brian Villmoare, College of Liberal Arts
  • Aaron Wilkinson, College of Liberal Arts
  • Zhaohuan Zhu, College of Sciences


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