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Mar 24, 2017
Honors: Heather Rappaport
Heather Rappaport (Student Union & Event Services) has earned the Collegiate Conference and Events Professional Certification by the Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors-International. Candidates for this certification are required to provide evidence of substantial professional experience, provide volunteer service to the...

Mar 23, 2017
Published: Alain Bengochea
Alain Bengochea (Educational & Clinical Studies) has recently published a peer-reviewed article in Reading Research Quarterly titled "Maternal Inferential Input and Children's Language Skills" in which he and his co-authors explored the levels of abstraction and utterance functions in mother-child interactions during shared reading...

Mar 22, 2017
Published: Jay Shen, Maki Muroi, and Alona Angosta
Maki Muroi (Health Care Administration), working with her adviser, Jay Shen (Community Health Sciences), as well as with Alona Angosta (Nursing), published a paper, “Medication Errors, Drug Classifications, and Consequence of Errors: Are They Related?” in the January issue of Applied Nursing Research. The online version of the...

Mar 22, 2017
Published: Elizabeth Stacy and Donald Price
Elizabeth Stacy (Life Sciences) and colleagues, including Donald Price (Life Sciences), published "Incipient Ecological Speciation between Successional Varieties of a Dominant Tree Involves Intrinsic Postzygotic Isolating Barriers" in the journal Ecology and Evolution. This study demonstrates that partial intrinsic postzygotic barriers may be...

Mar 21, 2017
Presentation: John Mercer
John Mercer (Kinesiology & Nutrition Sciences) presented 'Why Do We Run the Way We Run?' to faculty and students at two New Zealand universities, Massey University in Wellington and University of Auckland, Tamaki campus. He was also a guest speaker earlier this month on the Radio New Zealand Extra Time podcast on mechanics of running.

Mar 21, 2017
Published: Edward Lynch
Edward Lynch (Dental) has recently published a research paper in the International Dental Journal investigating the influence of time and different tooth widths on masticatory efficiency and muscular activity in dentures. A reduction of the occlusal table width in these teeth resulted in decreased masticatory efficiency two months after...

Mar 20, 2017
Published: Alona Angosta and Reimund Serafica
Alona Angosta and Reimund Serafica (Nursing) co-authored “Assessing Physical Activity Levels in Filipino Americans With Hypertension Using the Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity Questionnaire,” which examined and compared the activity level of Filipino Americans from the Southwest region of the United States to the national physical activity...

Mar 20, 2017
Grant: Bo Bernhard
Bo Bernhard (International Gaming Institute) received a total of $139,372 in grant funding from the Nevada department of health and human services for the Nevada Problem Gambling Project. The funding will be used to support ongoing data collection and research projects that study several stages of the client experience in engaging state-funded...

Mar 17, 2017
Presentation: Roberto C. Orozco
At this year's NASPA Annual Conference, Roberto C. Orozco (Student Engagement & Diversity) co-presented "Breaking the Black/White Binary: La Lucha in Student Affairs" which "examined the struggle for increased Latinx representation in student affairs upper administration."  Roberto also participated on the panel for "Forging a Collaborative...

Mar 17, 2017
Presentation: Jeff Waddoups
Congratulations to Jeff Waddoups who was invited to speak to the Nevada chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association on March 15. Waddoups is a professor of economics and chair of the department of economics in Lee Business School. As an expert in labor economics, his presentation, "Prevailing Wage Laws and School Construction in...

Mar 16, 2017
Published: Saruna Ghimire and Karen Callahan
Saruna Ghimire and Karen Callahan (Environmental and Occupational Health) recently publushed an article, "Nutritional Assessment of Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Rural Nepal," in the Public Library of Science with Binaya Kumar Baral from the Department of Biochemistry in the Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital.

Mar 16, 2017
Notable: UNLV American Marketing Association Student Chapter
The American Marketing Association  (the marketing industry's premier trade organization) selected UNLV's collegiate AMA student group as a finalist in its case competition. The student group has been invited to present their plan to executives from eBay in New Orleans at the 39th Annual American Marketing Association’s Collegiate Conference this...