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Dec 9, 2016
Presentation: Scott Abella
Scott Abella (Life Sciences) recently gave a talk titled, "National Park Treasures: Celebrating Conservation" at the Lake Mead Visitor Center. He shared the stories of conservation challenges and successes of the National Park Service restoration efforts during the past 100 years. His work as a researcher has supported Lake Mead and other parks...

Dec 9, 2016
Grant: Patricia Gatlin
Patricia Gatlin (Nursing) received an $8,400 research grant from Nevada Obstetrical Charity Clinic Foundation for a study titled  “Healthy Pregnancy through Exercise and Nutrition (H-Pen Study).” The study aims to implement and test the feasibility and efficacy of an individualized lifestyle intervention program (H-PEN) designed to maintain...

Dec 7, 2016
Performance: UNLV Department of Film
The UNLV film department hosted its annual 48-Hour filmmaking challenge Nov. 18-20. The event was open to the public and brought UNLV Film students, alumni and local filmmakers together in a race against the clock, forcing them to write, shoot and edit five-minute short films in just 48 hours. The teams drew from a collection of prompts — ...

Dec 2, 2016
Grant: Frank van Breukelen
Frank van Breukelen (Life Science) has received a four-year National Science Foundation research grant totaling $797,810 to study hibernation in tenrecs.  Tenrecs are esoteric mammals from Madagascar that have a unique form of hibernation. These animals are able to hibernate or maintain active body temperatures from at least 12-28 °C. His proposal...

Dec 2, 2016
Presentation: Steve Rowland
Steve Rowland (Geoscience) and a team of undergraduate students from the College of Sciences recently announced the discovery of fossilized reptile footprints northeast of Las Vegas that are 60 million years older than the earliest dinosaurs. Rowland presented the work in October at a meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.  

Dec 1, 2016
Notable: Boyd School of Law, International Gaming Institute, and International Center for Gaming Regulation
The UNLV Boyd School of Law, the International Gaming Institute, and the International Center for Gaming Regulation hosted the Nov. 16 meeting of the Gaming Policy Committee, chaired by Gov. Brian Sandoval. David Schwartz (UNLV Center for Gaming Research) has been a member of the committee since 2014. The committee is charged with examining issues...

Dec 1, 2016
Presentation: Margarita Jara Yupanqui
Margarita Jara Yupanqui (World Languages and Cultures) participated in an international symposium on Indo-American Languages in Contact, with Juan Carlos Godenzzi (University of Montreal), José Ramón Carriazo (UNED, Madrid), and Munia Cabal (Western Illinois University). The event "El español y las lenguas indoamericanas: interactividad y...

Nov 29, 2016
Presentation: Nada Lukkahatai
Nada Lukkahatai (Nursing) gave a presentation, "Cancer-related Fatigue: Biomarkers Discovery and Interpretation," during the American Cancer Society, Cancer Action Networks of Nevada Personalized Medicine Forum. She explained how cancer-related fatigue during and after cancer treatments can affect treatment effectiveness, disease prognosis, and...

Nov 29, 2016
Presentation: Giuseppe Natale
Giuseppe Natale (World Languages and Cultures) presented a paper, “’The Oil Route’ by Bernardo Bertolucci: An (Un)tech Documentary,” during a session titled "Italian Literature and Film" at the annual conference of the American Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages earlier this month in Boston.

Nov 29, 2016
Presentation: Susan Byrne
Susan Byrne (World Languages and Cultures) recently gave two invited presentations:  "Marsilio Ficino in Spain: The Spiritus," at the Department of Hispanic and Portuguese Studies of the University of Pennsylvania on Nov. 18 "Las constituciones cervantinas, en la política del siglo XVII español y la del XVIII estadounidense," at the...

Nov 29, 2016
Notable: Jennifer Reed, Sociology
Graduate student Jennifer Reed (Sociology) was featured in a podcast on the blog The Broken Brain about her dissertation research on ecosexuality.   

Nov 29, 2016
Honors: Jennifer Kawi
Jennifer Kawi (Nursing) recieved the March of Dimes Southern Nevada Chapter's Nurse of the Year award in the research category. The organization's local chapter hosts the annual event to honor nursing excellence and pay tribute to the tireless efforts of nurses throughout the community. Kawi is the first nurse in Southern Nevada to earn the award...