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The College of Liberal Arts offers students a well-rounded education in the humanities and social sciences, and provides students with a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and discovery.

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woman poses between rows of books in library
People | September 22, 2022

For Emily Powers, some of her most important experiences at UNLV happened outside of the classroom — through the Honors College.

a female student sits in the grass by a tree reading a book
Campus News | September 1, 2022

A roundup of prominent news stories highlighting university pride, research, and community collaboration.

Sunset from the outskirts of Taipei, Taiwan. (Thomas Tucker)
Business and Community | August 18, 2022

UNLV political science expert explains the history of the region, why the recent U.S. political visits anger China, and the influence of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Students in red caps and gowns walking.
Campus News | August 12, 2022

General studies bachelor’s ensures that life challenges don't stand in the way of completing a degree for students who've already completed a large number of credits.

UNLV anthropologist Brian Villmoare
Research | August 5, 2022

In new paper, UNLV-led anthropology team balks at a widely held belief that modern humans experienced an evolutionary decrease in brain size.

woman posing with colorful lighting
People | August 4, 2022

This admin assistant has been running around campus since she was a kid. Now she's the 2022 President's Classified Employee of the Year.

Liberal Arts In The News

September 26, 2022

We are about a month and a half away from the midterm election. One of the groups with rising voting numbers are Latinos.

September 26, 2022

Early voting is less than a month away, and the balance of power in Congress could rest solely on Nevada.

Times Higher Education
September 23, 2022

Academic presses struggling to keep up with the demand for once-obscure books about war-torn nation

Las Vegas Sun
September 22, 2022

A ” We Need to Talk” panel discussion on critical race theory at UNLV’s Greenspun Hall Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022.

Washington Post
September 22, 2022

When Aubrey Garcia’s daughter was in the third grade, she suddenly stopped attending school.

News Medical
September 21, 2022

A new study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, published by Elsevier, finds that women experiencing food insecurity more frequently report symptoms of food addiction, such as compulsive eating of certain types of food, unsuccessful attempts to cut down and withdrawal symptoms. Further study of addictive mechanisms may be a valuable approach to understand the relationship between food insecurity and the overconsumption of processed foods.

Liberal Arts Experts

An expert on voting behavior, East Asia, and political psychology.
An expert on mental health counseling and counselor education. 
An expert on commercial aviation, airport history, and travel.
An expert in psychology, particularly the relationship between inner experience and mental health. 
An expert in human behavioral endocrinology, evolution and fatherhood, human reproductive ecology, and human biology.
An expert on the storytelling in video games.

Recent Liberal Arts Accomplishments

September 26, 2022
Graduate student SaMoura Horsley (Anthropology) has been awarded the prestigious UNLV McNair Post-Graduate Scholarship. 
September 22, 2022
Dave Beisecker (Philosophy) and co-author Amirouche Moktefi (University of Talinn, Estonia) had their paper, "John Cook Wilson's 'Hanging Plants': A Contribution to the History of Early Logic Trees," published in Diagrammatic Representation and Inference, a volume in the Springer book series, Lecture Notes in Computer Science and Artificial…
September 19, 2022
Nerses Kopalyan published an article in the Times of Israel on the relationship between Israel's arms sales to Azerbaijan, and the implications of this policy in light of Azerbaijan's growing anti-Americanism. 
September 19, 2022
Nerses Kopalyan published an article in Le Figaro, one of the most prestigious publications in France, on the energy deal between the European Union and Azerbaijan, and the geopolitical implications of Europe enabling oil-rich autocracies. 
September 16, 2022
Austin Horng-En Wang (Political Science) was invited to the virtual roundtable "Technology and the security of democratic societies" hosted by the Brookings Institution. In the roundtable, Dr. Wang shared his observation on the information operations from the authoritarian regimes and their possible developments in recent years. He also discussed…
September 13, 2022
Jessica E. Teague (English) has been awarded a 2022 American Book Award (the Walter & Lillian Lowenfels Award for Criticism) for her book, Sound Recording Technology and American Literature, (Cambridge UP, 2021).  The American Book Awards have been around for 43 years and have been awarded to writers across a…