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The College of Liberal Arts offers students a well-rounded education in the humanities and social sciences, and provides students with a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and discovery.

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A woman in a flower print shirt stands in front of a row of computers
People | November 8, 2019

Honors College Alumna of the Year and faculty member Noelle Lefforge is a four-time alumna of the university.

A woman sits at a desk in a dark room
Campus News | November 7, 2019

MGM College Opportunity Program at UNLV offers a flexible and affordable way for the company's employees to complete their degrees.

Portrait of Dr. Michelle Paul, psychologist and director of The PRACTICE Mental Health Clinic  at UNLV.
Business and Community | November 4, 2019

UNLV psychologist Dr. Michelle Paul shares practical ways to put the hope back in the holiday season.

People preparing to cut ribbon on new Fertitta Complex
Campus News | November 1, 2019

A collection of local, national, and international news stories highlighting the people and programs of UNLV.

A chef raises a cleaver to chop and onion and broccoli.
People | October 30, 2019

These faculty members aren't just accomplished in their academic fields. They all have one thing in common: success in the hobbies they're passionate about.

A man in  a blue shirt stands behind a chair.
People | October 24, 2019

College of Liberal Arts Alumnus of the Year Greg Morris stays active in university activities, and sent two of his sons to the School of Law.

Liberal Arts In The News

U.S. News & World Report
November 15, 2019

More than half its population is non-white, including a third of residents who are Latino. It has huge masses of rural space but is still the third most urbanized state in the nation. Its growing senior population raises concerns about retirement security, while speedy growth is putting a crunch on affordable housing. Immigration, labor unions, education and health care are all major issues here.

The Scientist
November 15, 2019

That old joke about the milkman fathering many of a town’s children—it’s far from true, a new study reaffirms.

Washington Post
November 15, 2019

Former wrestler and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura says he’s interested in the Green Party’s presidential nomination. Ex-coal magnate Don Blankenship is seeking the Constitution Party nod. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, despite her denials, is prompting fears among Democrats that she will launch her own third-party run. No one knows what Rep. Justin Amash will do.

November 14, 2019

Scientists have pinpointed the members of society most likely to have children out of wedlock, by mapping the DNA of people in a region of Western Europe over the past 500 years.

El Tiempo
November 13, 2019

“Change the Subject” is a documentary that shares the story of a group of university students committed to advancing and promoting the rights and dignity of undocumented people.

November 13, 2019

A panel of experts, officials, and activists discussed de-escalation tactics and the use of force by police at the Mob Museum on Tuesday night.

Liberal Arts Experts

An expert on Native American history.
An expert on judges, judicial selection, and race and gender bias.
An expert in Nevada, Civil War, and gaming history.
An expert in psychology.
An expert in U.S. history, race and politics, and people of mixed heritage.
An expert in paleontology and human evolution.

Recent Liberal Arts Accomplishments

November 13, 2019
Susanna Newbury (Art) and Alana Fa'agai (English) presented their scholarship and teaching methods at the November 2019 National Humanities Conference in Honolulu. The panel, Localizing the Digital and Public Humanities, addressed the scaling of high-quality, humanities-based research to digital delivery methods for an audience of scholars, non-...
November 13, 2019
Austin Horng-En Wang (Political Science) co-authored the article "Is Free Speech Being Crushed by the U.S.-China Confrontation?" on The National Interest. This article discusses how citizens and even celebrities may be influenced by the exertion of sharp power and its implication to the future of democracy.
November 12, 2019
Shane Kraus (Psychology) and colleagues recently published a paper, Posting Sexually Explicit Images or Videos of Oneself Online Is Associated With Impulsivity and Hypersexuality but Not Measures of Psychopathology in a Sample of US Veterans, in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.
November 7, 2019
Jennifer Byrnes (Anthropology) has co-authored a chapter that appears in a new edited volume, Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology: Bonified Skeletons, edited by Heather Garvin and Natalie Langley. The chapter, "Globalization, Transnationalism, and the Analytical Feasibility of Ancestry Estimation," co-authored with Joseph Hefner (Michigan State...
November 5, 2019
Jennifer L. Rennels and Andrea J. Kayl (Psychology) published "Infants and Adults Represent Faces Differently" in the journal, Developmental Psychology. Infants typically have predominant experience with women and this research showed infants formed mental representations of faces that were weighted toward the most frequently seen faces — they...
November 4, 2019
Sheila Bock (Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies) gave two presentations in October. The first, “Graduation Dress and the Visual Rhetorics of Unity and Exclusion,” was part of a pre-organized panel, “Belonging, Exclusion, and Community on Campus: New Perspectives on the Folklore of Higher Education," at the annual meeting of the American...