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The College of Liberal Arts offers students a well-rounded education in the humanities and social sciences. Students develop strong analytical and communication skills for a lifetime of learning and discovery that can be applied to a wide variety of careers.

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The Las Vegas skyline (Josh Hawkins, UNLV).
Campus News | December 4, 2023

A collection of news stories highlighting UNLV’s dedication to community and research.

A selection of items from the Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano Papers on S.I.R. Productions in UNLV's Special Collections & Archives. (Photo by Aaron Mayes/UNLV Special Collections & Archives)
Campus News | November 27, 2023

Sexual Entertainment and Economies will provide academic insight for researchers on the history and development of these industries in Nevada and beyond.

A man sits smiling at a restaurant table.
Campus News | November 15, 2023

Mellon Foundation award will support the creation of Neon Pacific Initiative to increase research, engagement, and community partnerships.

A portait of Hugo Silva with his two dogs, Juno and Hudson.
People | November 13, 2023

The web communications specialist is here to turn your content from mid to Gucci. No cap.

sandstone colored structure against a clear blue sky
Campus News | November 7, 2023

Named for the late U.S. Senator, the center will enhance the study of Nevada public history and lands.

portrait of student Zach Billot
People | November 1, 2023

Billot, a senior in the Honors College pursuing double majors in political science and environmental studies, moves to the final interview stage for world's most prestigious graduate scholarship.

Liberal Arts In The News

December 5, 2023

The UNLV football program could cash in big time after playing one of its most successful seasons in a decade. This year’s 9-4 Rebels secured a winning record for the first time since 2013. On top of that, the team is heading to a bowl game in Phoenix at the end of the month.

Washington Post
December 3, 2023

His name was Sturmann Yanghis. He was a 17-year-old South African brought by ship to the United States in 1860 with four other young men billed in the press as “wild African savages” who had “never before been brought into contact with civilization.” Each represented a different Indigenous group.

Charleston Post and Courier
December 1, 2023

Former Gov. Nikki Haley faces steep odds to win Iowa and New Hampshire against a dominant Donald Trump. Yet Haley is almost guaranteed to come in first in the third contest — the Feb. 6 Nevada primary — which comes weeks before the crucial vote in South Carolina. And she’ll probably do it without spending a dime, but she won’t get a single delegate for it.

Voice of America
November 30, 2023

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday (November 29) appointed Representative to the European Union and to Belgium Yu Dai as the new representative to the United States, replacing Hsiao Meiqin, who has registered as the running mate of Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Lai Ching-te. Before leaving office, Xiao Meiqin said goodbye to her colleagues in the representative office in the United States and thanked the United States for its "love" and support for Taiwan.

Desert Companion
November 29, 2023

Sugaring is an umbrella term for negotiated relationships commonly held between an older partner, the sugar daddy or mommy, and a younger partner, the sugar baby. Sugar relationships require elaborate negotiations to create clearly defined boundaries and expectations, meaning that no two arrangements will look identical. For some, the relationship is focused on companionship devoid of physicality while, for others, the dynamic mirrors that of a traditional relationship, including consensual sex. Babies are compensated monetarily or with gifts, such as high-end merchandise or luxurious vacations. Where do sugar babies fit into the ever-evolving world of sex work in Las Vegas?

Boston Globe
November 29, 2023

No dress shirt, no dress shoes, no problem, even at some of this area’s once buttoned-up offices

Liberal Arts Experts

An expert in both urban sustainability and political extremism, including white supremacy
A political scientists specializing in international relations, security, and terrorism.
An expert in love and intimacy.
An expert in auditory perception, cognition, cognitive neuroscience, and perceptual abnormalities in schizophrenia.
An expert on child psychology, anxiety, and school absenteeism
An expert in prehistoric Native Americans of the Southwest

Recent Liberal Arts Accomplishments

December 6, 2023
Shane Kraus (Psychology) and colleagues recently published a systematic review, "No Magic Pill: A Systematic Review of the Pharmacological Treatments for Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder," in the Journal of Sex Research. 
December 4, 2023
Anthony King (Psychology) received a $5,000 research stipend award from the International Gaming Institute and the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling for his research on the different gambling behaviors of UNLV college students. These funds were provided by the Nevada Department of Public and Behavioral Health to encourage scholars from Nevada to…
December 4, 2023
Austin Horng-En Wang (Political Science) contributes a chapter, "Politics in Taipei," to the Encyclopedia of Taiwan Studies edited by SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies at the University of London. By reviewing the history and the development of politics in Taipei City between 1600 and 2020, Wang argues that Taipei City has performed two essential…
December 3, 2023
Christopher D.E. Willoughby (Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies) and his recent book "Masters of Health: Racial Science and Slavery in U.S. Medical School" were quoted in a December 3rd article in the Washington Post, entitled "How U.S. institutions took an African teen’s life, then lost his remains." The article traces life and death…
November 29, 2023
Professor John Curry (History) traveled to Reston, Virginia, for the annual Development Committee meeting tasked with producing the future versions of the Advanced Placement World History examinations for high school students throughout the global K-12 system. Acting as the Higher Education co-chair of the committee overseeing the process of…
November 29, 2023
John Haberstroh (History) presented a paper titled, "Local Panhellenism and the Sanctuary of Hera in the Argolid," at the Spaces in the Greek World conference at the Autonomous University of Madrid.