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cartoon person looks away from phone and touches head anxiously
Business and Community | May 22, 2020

UNLV sociologist Simon Gottschalk provides tips on how to adjust to increased screen time during the coronavirus pandemic.

man wearing face mask working putting grocery items in bag in storeroom
Campus News | May 19, 2020

The full effect of the crisis won't be known for some time, but right now donors are helping the university pivot to focus on emergency needs and mental health.

view of UNLV building and Las Vegas skyline
Arts and Culture | May 16, 2020

English professor Claudia Keelan's poem finds a graduating class in the midst of perhaps the most unusual circumstances surrounding commencement in UNLV history.

library interior study spaces
People | May 15, 2020

Eight UNLV Students Honored With 2020 Lance and Elena Calvert Awards For Undergraduate Research across a wide spectrum of research topics.

UNLV graduate seated with decorated cap
Campus News | May 14, 2020

An enduring UNLV end-of-semester tradition is to highlight exceptional students who embody the academic, research, and community impact of the graduating class.

U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
People | May 1, 2020

From UNLV Magazine's spring 2020 issue.

Liberal Arts In The News

KSNV-TV: News 3
May 26, 2020

President Donald Trump gave the nation's governors an ultimatum Friday, telling them to open churches, synagogues and mosques -- or he will.

May 26, 2020

The pandemic has brought misery and suffering to thousands around the world, much of which has nothing to do with disease and everything to do with the social aftermath of the pandemic.

May 26, 2020

In a critical mark of the shifting political landscape, Democrats in November could secure a clean sweep of the Senate seats from the four key Southwestern states -- a milestone the party hasn't reached in nearly 80 years.

Las Vegas Review Journal
May 26, 2020

At a time when we are battered by cruel statistics on infections, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19, one set of numbers, at least on the surface, provides a ray of hope in the time of coronavirus.

May 22, 2020

As uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine wears on, there remains one constant: a reliance on the internet, social media, and streaming services for work, school, entertainment, and keeping in touch with friends and family.

May 22, 2020

Chancellor Angela Merkel began her March 18 speech to the German people by acknowledging their pain.

Liberal Arts Experts

An expert in political philosophy, and the intersection of politics and religion.
A licensed clinical psychologist and noted expert on women's health and human sexuality. 
An expert on the storytelling in video games.
An expert in paleontology and human evolution.
An expert in forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology, human remains, and skeletal biology.
An expert in eating disorders, women's mental and physical health, and racial/ethnic health disparities.

Recent Liberal Arts Accomplishments

May 26, 2020
Tim Gauthier (Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies) recently published a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Veterans Studies: "'I Can Spin Some Bullshit if You Want': Narrating (and Bridging?) the Civil-Military Divide in Phil Klay's Redeployment."
May 26, 2020
Tirth Bhatta (Sociology) and Moushumi Roy of the department of sociology at Delta College wrote a critical essay, "The Pandemic is Sending India's Poor into the Abyss," that appears on Salon. He explains how the pandemic is exacerbating inequalities in India and the myriad ways the country's underclass are suffering. Bhatta studies how cumulative...
May 21, 2020
John Tuman (Political Science), and Hafthor Erlingsson, '19 PhD Political Science, have published an article, "The Determinants of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment Flows in Mexican States, 2004-2014." The article appeared in the journal Latin American Policy.
May 20, 2020
Alan Simmons (Anthropology) is a co-author of an article in Nature-Scientific Reports. The article is a cross-disciplinary study that incorporates some of his archeological research on Cyprus.  "Tracking the Near Eastern Origins and European Dispersal of the Western House Mouse" examines the spread of the common house mouse in early agricultural...
May 20, 2020
Gary Totten (English) has published an article, “Wharton’s Wild West: Undine Spragg and the Dakota Divorce,” in the journal Arizona Quarterly: A Journal of American Literature, Culture, and Theory. He examines Edith Wharton's portrayal of western U.S. divorce colonies in the early 20th century in her novel The Custom of the Country (1913).
May 19, 2020
Susan Lee Johnson (History) has been nominated president-elect of the Western History Association (WHA), and will serve as president of the organization in 2022. The WHA's mission is "to be a congenial home for the study and teaching of all aspects of North American Wests, frontiers, homelands, and borderlands."