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The Greenspun College of Urban Affairs is committed to creating contemporary solutions for resilient communities. Its academic programs focus on effective public policymaking, creating support structures to meet behavioral and mental health challenges, ensuring cities are safe and prepared to meet emergency situations, effective and ethical journalism, and interpersonal and public communication strategies.

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UNLV letters surrounded by roses
Campus News | March 17, 2023

A roundup of news stories highlighting UNLV faculty and students who made headlines locally, nationally, and globally.

Rebel Girls & Company dance team
Campus News | February 10, 2023

A collection of news stories highlighting expert insights, new collaborations, and academic achievement.

two women speaking inside sports arena
People | February 9, 2023

Veteran reporter Molly Sullivan returned home to head UNLV's sports journalism concentration.

Jade Thomas looks up as she prepares for a live news broadcast
Campus News | January 30, 2023

Jade Thomas brings her love of the game to the viewers as part of the student-led broadcast program Rebel Report. 

Dominic Lavoie holds a phone up to his ear during a news segment on a basketball game.
People | January 30, 2023

Inspired by his love of sports, Dominic Lavoie brings fresh energy to sports journalism.

Teneka Ash takes notes during a broadcast show at a basketball game.
People | January 30, 2023

Senior film major Teneka Ash dives into sports journalism as a member of the Rebel Report team.

Urban Affairs In The News

March 20, 2023

It's been six months since the Nord Stream gas pipelines were ruptured by a series of explosions, leaking tons of methane into the environment and igniting an international whodunit. Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and an unnamed pro-Ukrainian group have all been accused of planting explosives on the Baltic Sea pipelines in recent months. But half a year since the sabotage took place, the mystery remains unsolved.

Wall Street Journal
March 9, 2023

Research shows that face-to-face interactions may feel like a lot more work than using technology. But in reality, they’re more energizing. People who rely on social media to combat loneliness are likely to experience a stronger wish for company down the road.

March 9, 2023

This month, lower-income households in 32 states, including Nevada, will receive at least $95 a month less from the federal government to buy food.

Discover Magazine
March 6, 2023

How do law-abiding people get caught up in dangerous group dynamics? Learn the sociology behind collective behavior and contagion theory.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
March 1, 2023

Fundraisers often don’t realize they’re headed toward burnout until it’s too late. Their commitment to the mission and drive to meet development goals can keep them laser-focused on the work at the expense of their own well-being.

KLAS-TV: 8 News Now
February 27, 2023

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is a 350-acre campus, just east of the Las Vegas strip. With over twenty-five thousand students in attendance, it can be hard to keep track of who is on campus.

Urban Affairs Experts

An experienced clinical social work professional and expert on mental health and caregiving, anxiety, trauma, and depression. 
An expert on local government and public policy. 
An expert on sports journalism and television broadcasting.
Dean of the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs and expert in community renewal, risk and crisis communications. 
An expert in welfare policies and programs.
An expert on science communication, religion and politics.

Recent Urban Affairs Accomplishments

March 9, 2023
Janelle Yasukochi (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education) and Maria Aladjova (Health Sciences) served as the conference co-chairs, representing Region 9, at the NACADA Region 8, 9, & 10 Conference: Illuminating the Path of Possibilities, recently held in Las Vegas from Feb. 27-March 1. NACADA is the professional association for Academic…
February 21, 2023
Ashton Ridley (Journalism and Media Studies, KUNV) has been named to the Nevada Broadcasters Association board of directors.
February 21, 2023
The public radio KUNV 91.5 FM station recently won Beats Magazine's “2022 Smooth Jazz Station Of The Year.” On December 15 of last year, RADIO ONLINE, an outlet that provides the latest radio industry news, brought the news of the announcement to KUNV 91.5. The station is a nonprofit that is currently owned by the Nevada Board of Regents and…
February 21, 2023
Tara McManus (Communication Studies) published the article, "The moderating effects of goals and plans on received support during emerging adults’ conversations with friends," in Communication Quarterly. The study found that when seeking tangible support (such as asking for money or help with chores or other tasks) from friends, identifying your…
February 21, 2023
Emma Frances Bloomfield and Stephanie S. Willes (both Communication Studies) have published an article titled, "Religious Masking and the Rhetorical Strategies of Digital Anti-Vaccination Churches," in the Western Journal of Communication. The article traces the digital rhetoric of "anti-vaccination churches," which are groups that adopt the…
February 15, 2023
Benjamin Burroughs (Journalism and Media Studies) and Travis Vogan (University of Iowa) have published an article titled, "'Media Industries and Sport Scandals' Redux: Netflix’s Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist," in the International Journal of Sport Communication. The article talks about the recent Netflix documentary on Manti Te'o and the…