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The College of Fine Arts provides an academic experience that heightens awareness of the physical, intellectual, and cultural world. We diligently prepare students for professional employment and/or post-graduate study in their artistic area.

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purple light filter covering three standing individuals
Arts and Culture |

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart welcomes MFA candidate Karla Lagunas through Sept. 14; Lagunas created an installation, Meta-Telos III.

collage of BTS-themed artwork
People |

With an artist's attention to detail, the administrative assistant and BTS 'stan' leaves an early impression on on her Lee Business School colleagues.

group of people stand in front of the Sphere
Arts and Culture |

Students receive scholarships while their artwork is run in rotation throughout the summer on the world's largest LED screen.

Josh Hawkins, UNLV
Campus News |

News highlights featuring UNLV students and staff who made (refreshing) waves in the headlines.

drawing of two dancing figures
Arts and Culture |

The season celebrates where artistry and choreography come together at the epicenter of Las Vegas motion.

colorful artwork on utility box in front of apartment complex
Business and Community |

Designs on utility boxes at The Degree were created by College of Fine Arts students.

Fine Arts In The News

Las Vegas Review-Journal En Español

Desert summers are becoming more severe, and Las Vegas' urban planning isn't doing it any favors. The expansion of the valley means that the heat is not felt equally in all neighborhoods, especially impacting neighborhoods where more Latinos and African Americans live.

Las Vegas Sun

The temperature was already over 100 degrees by lunchtime when Tuyet “Lisa” Phan hauled two cases of water bottles from her white Lexus and dropped them next to a faded blue cooler with “Free Water” written in black marker across the sides.

Las Vegas Review-Journal En Español

Desert summers are becoming more severe, and Las Vegas' urban planning isn't doing it any favors. The expansion of the valley means that the heat doesn't feel the same in every neighborhood.

Las Vegas Review Journal

Desert summers are getting more severe, and Las Vegas’ urban planning isn’t doing it any favors. Sprawl across the valley ensures that heat isn’t felt equally in every neighborhood.

Verywell Mind

We all have that one friend who is shockingly adept at all things music-related. Whether they do it professionally or merely whip out their violin on special occasions, you can't help but wonder where their innate talent came from.


Every year, nearly one million U.S. households fall victim to burglary, according to the FBI, leaving homeowners feeling violated and traumatized. What if the house itself was the first line of defense?

Fine Arts Experts

An expert in architecture, urban design, and sustainable development.
An expert on filmmaking, video production, arts advocacy, and podcasts.
An expert in visual storytelling, graphic design, and art incorporating topics of socioeconomic, racial, and gender-based issues. 
An expert in art curation and studio arts.
An expert on screen and voice over acting and Hollywood.
An expert in graphic and user interface design.

Recent Fine Arts Accomplishments

Dale Melgaard (Film) received an "Official Selection" from the Chicago Script Awards festival for the original script "The Phatman."
Stefano Boselli (Theatre) published the article “Deliberate Starvation: Hunger Artists in Kafka, Różewicz, and Sinking Ship” in Global Performance Studies 6, nos 1–2 (2023): Hunger. The article explowes how a negative action, the decision to abstain from food, can be enacted on stage. Examining hunger as a conscious choice to avoid food for…
On June 22, Stefano Boselli (Theatre) presented the paper “Invisible Assemblages Made Visible: Hostile Actors and Dis-Connected Shows in Paris, 1970-1993" at the PSi Performance Studies international Conference #29 “Assemble! in London, UK. French theorists Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari describe the assemblage as follows: “a…
Susanna Phillips Newbury (Art) presented the invited lecture "Forensics: The Cultural Power of Art & Real Estate" at the MAK Center for Art & Architecture in Los Angeles on June 27, 2024. Los Angeles has long invested in contemporary art and real estate development as a long-term strategy for cultural growth. More than 70 years into…
Jerry Schefcik (Art), chair of the Nevada Arts Council Board, chaired the panel review of 85 Project Grant for Artist applications requesting a total of $249,692 in support of the production and presentation of individual artist’s projects including art exhibitions, performances, readings, concerts, the creation of art, portfolio building, and…
Stefano Boselli (Theatre) published the chapter on controversial French author Jean Genet in The Routledge Companion to Absurdist Literature, “the first authoritative and definitive edited collection on absurdist literature. As a field-defining volume, the editor [Michael Bennett] and the contributors are world leaders in this ever-exciting genre…