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UNLV Libraries participate in the articulation and assessment of student learning; provide direct instruction to students; partner with classroom faculty on course and assignment design; and intentionally create co-curricular learning experiences.

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A man and woman embrace at the Latinx/UNLV meeting.
Business and Community | July 17, 2019

Students conducting interviews say the project allows them to reconnect to their heritage.

Research | July 17, 2019

Latinx oral history project gives grad student a way to up-end the misperceptions of the Las Vegas community he grew up in.

elephant reaching into tree
Research | June 6, 2019

A new book details how colonial control impacted a continent’s relationship to its wildlife.

A pile of books is topped by a special edition of Candide by Voltaire.
Research | June 4, 2019

June 6 marks the 75th anniversary of the Allied landing on the beaches of Normandy. As men fought their way through France, it was books like these that helped sustain them during wartime.

An exterior view of the Colusa Casino on a sunny day.
Research | May 30, 2019

An Eadington Fellow examines the initial debate over gaming on Native American reservations from the perspective of the tribal leaders that initially advocated for it.

The Hate You Give, The Outsider, Harry Potter and Twilight
Arts and Culture | May 28, 2019

Want to encourage kids to read this summer? Don't shy away from books that take on challenging topics.

Libraries In The News

Las Vegas Review Journal
July 9, 2019

Latinos have contributed to Las Vegas politically, economically, in the hotel industry and in professional careers, said Maribel Estrada Calderon, a student working on the Latinx Voices of Southern Nevada project at UNLV.

American Libraries
June 25, 2019

Do you find yourself feeling overworked and overwhelmed? You are not alone. Amy Tureen, head of the Library Liaison Program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), and Amanda Melilli, head of the Teacher Development and Resources Library at UNLV, have both been there and shared some startling statistics:

33% of Americans report feelings of “extreme stress.”
60-90% of doctor visits are related to “stress-related complaints.”

KLAS-TV: 8 News Now
May 24, 2019

Re-documenting history one page and one photograph at a time: That's what UNLV's Special Collections and Archives Division plans to do. The team is in the middle of a large project to digitize old newspapers from across the country.

October 25, 2018

“It has been happening for some time, digitization,” Thomas Padilla, a digital research services librarian at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, who studies how institutions can improve access for computational research, said.

Las Vegas Review Journal
October 8, 2018

David Becker said he strives for honesty and compassion in his day-to-day work as a photojournalist.

And the night of Oct. 1, 2017, was no different, he said during a panel discussion Friday night at UNLV.

Las Vegas Review Journal
October 1, 2018

Caroline Kunioka, curator of history and collections, discusses how the Nevada State Museum preserves items left for Oct. 1.

Libraries Experts

An oral historian and author on preserving family memories.
An expert in research services, and strategic planning for academic libraries
An expert on gaming research, history of gambling, and the casino industry.
An expert on digitization in libraries and metadata creation.
An expert in comic books and censorship.

Recent Libraries Accomplishments

June 27, 2019
David Candelas, Rebekah D'Amato, Chelsea Heinbach, Starr Hoffman, Bibiana Lopez, Eduardo Martinez-Flores, Amanda Melilli, Rosan Mitola, and Amy Tureen (all Libraries) presented at the American Library Association's Annual Conference & Exhibition 2019 in Washington, D.C. Tureen and Melilli presented “Managing to Manage: Strategies for Both...
June 24, 2019
Kathryn Houk (Libraries) presented a continuing education class at the Northern California/Nevada Medical Library Group and the Medical Library Group of Southern California/Arizona 2019 Joint Meeting at the University of San Francisco. The conference theme was "Critical Health Sciences Librarianship: Examining our Role in Social Justice." Houk's...
June 20, 2019
The Oral History Research Center (Libraries) has received a $25,000 pledge from MGM Resorts International for its Latinx Voices of Southern Nevada project. To date, the project has raised more than $240,000 in external funding to collect oral histories from Southern Nevada's Latinx residents. The Oral History Research Center is part of University...
June 19, 2019
Chelsea Heinbach (Libraries) is the co-author of a paper, "Use and Reuse of Visual Resources in Student Papers and Presentations," published in the journal The Electronic Library.
June 11, 2019
Marina Georgieva (Libraries) had an article, "Digitization Workflows: Streamlining the Digitization Process and Distinguishing the Peculiarities in Capturing Various Archival Materials," published in the journal Against the Grain.
May 30, 2019
Laurel Lamb (Libraries) recently presented at the Academic Library Advancement and Development Network 2019 conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Her presentation was titled "Join the Club: Renewal Appeals for Donor Retention and Transformation." In addition, she participated in a panel discussion on the topic of donor stewardship.