Medical students stand with large cut out of a pink heart.
People | August 12, 2022
School of Medicine student reflects on how her volunteer experience is bridging the gap between the community and pediatricians.
Satellite image of the Las Vegas Valley.
Research | August 12, 2022
Annual report from UNLV’s Center for Business and Economic Research predicts 3.39 million local residents by 2060.
Students in red caps and gowns walking.
Campus News | August 12, 2022
General studies bachelor’s ensures that life challenges don't stand in the way of completing a degree for students who've already completed a large number of credits.
Silver graduation cap reads "I did it" among other red graduation caps.
Campus News | August 12, 2022
UNLV’s College of Sciences introduces a new degree program aimed at ensuring students complete their degree. 
Students talk amongst each other in a group.
Campus News | August 11, 2022
The larger facility comes with the growing need for testing spaces, assistive technology, and other resources for students with disabilities.
Sam Sokalzuk works on object/people recognition for cars.
Campus News | August 10, 2022
NSF-funded program welcomes undergraduates from across the nation to UNLV for hands-on experiences alongside top faculty.  
Edwin Oh
Business and Community | August 9, 2022
UNLV infectious disease expert Edwin Oh on the potential role of wastewater surveillance and interagency, cross-jurisdictional collaboration in preventing another pandemic.
man with guitar
Arts and Culture | August 9, 2022
Rey is regarded by flamenco aficionados as among the world’s top premier flamenco guitar virtuosos.
Keith Lawler Assistant Research Professor in the Nevada Extreme Conditions Laboratory
People | August 9, 2022
Top Tier Award winner Keith Lawler working to make Southern Nevada a nucleus of clean energy production.
UNLV anthropologist Brian Villmoare
Research | August 5, 2022
In new paper, UNLV-led anthropology team balks at a widely held belief that modern humans experienced an evolutionary decrease in brain size.
Julpohng (“JP”) Vilai, MD smiles while using laptop.
People | August 5, 2022
woman posing with colorful lighting
People | August 4, 2022
This admin assistant has been running around campus since she was a kid. Now she's the 2022 President's Classified Employee of the Year.