exterior of event center at sunset
Fall 2023

The Path to the Big Leagues Runs Through UNLV

Key alumni tell the story of how UNLV and the Thomas & Mack Center helped the city make it to the big leagues.

Current Issue: Fall 2023

exterior of event center at sunset

Key alumni tell the story of how UNLV and the Thomas & Mack Center helped the city make it to the big leagues.

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Meet some UNLV grads who've had a hand in shaping the city's sports identity. 

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As Southern Nevada’s image as a mecca for professional sports continues to grow, so too do employment opportunities for UNLV graduates. 

archive photo of boxer celebrating amid crowd

For this local boy, Las Vegas has always been in the big leagues.

man behind railing with Las Vegas Strip in background

President Keith Whitfield on the passing of a role model for university leadership. 

UNLV Lady Rebels basketball team plays in the 2022 NCAA tournament

UNLV sport and gender parity researcher Nancy Lough on four ways social media and technology are changing how female athletes, fans interact with each other, sponsors.

image of computer laptop screen in dark room

Three recent grants to bolster training opportunities for UNLV students and assist Southern Nevada businesses in protecting against cyber attacks.

closeup of small autonomous racing car with three figures blurred in background

Future computer scientists are challenged to team up to make a car drive and race on its own.

group of students playing on field seen through the net they're using

Students find ancient sports aren’t so antiquated as they take a scholastic approach to the history of athletics.

two people eating and surrounded by various fast food items

Find out why video consumers are hungry for mukbang!

an image of a skeleton's skull reflected on the surface of an anatomy table

Boxers, MMA fighters with traumatic encephalopathy syndrome diagnoses may be more likely to develop severe degenerative brain disease, research finds.

Wildfire scorch marks.

UNLV research shows that FEMA-declared wildfire disasters in the fastest-growing home development areas have minimal impact on new home construction.

man in red shirt holding football with players in background

The former student-athlete has returned and is ready to tackle a new position as director of Football Player Development and Community Engagement for UNLV Athletics.

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UNLV's Tribal Education Initiative gives its new director an outlet for advocacy and Native students the opportunity of a lifetime.

Portrait of Kiarra Osotio

Interning with the Las Vegas Super Bowl Host Committee is a touchdown for business major Kiarra Osotio’s educational journey.

wide angle view of UNLV's campus with snowy mountains and the Las Vegas Strip in the distance

UNLV researchers will collaborate with local, state, and federal authorities on research and policy solutions to enhance safety and security for Nevada visitors.

Campus skyline

Honoring the members of the UNLV community who've recently passed away.