aerial of Colorado River
Spring 2022

The Stewards of a Broken Climate

Confronted in our desert backyard by the inescapable effects of a deteriorating environment, these UNLV researchers, professors, and activists are fighting to mitigate the effects of climate change on scientific, legal, and sociological fronts.

Current Issue: Spring 2022

aerial of Colorado River

Confronted in our desert backyard by the inescapable effects of a deteriorating environment, these UNLV researchers, professors, and activists are fighting to mitigate the effects of climate change on scientific, legal, and sociological fronts.

closeup of a person's hiking boots at edge of mountain lake

From the E.T. Highway to the massive mines southwest of Elko to the shores of Lake Tahoe and back again, a cohort of Honors College students takes an energizing field trip around the state to see all the weird, wild, and wonderful that Nevada has to offer outside Las Vegas’ borders.


illustration of woman surrounded by mountains and lake with mermaids

A journey over the Hoover Dam set the stage for alumna Camille Touton, now serving at the highest levels of government, to dedicate her life to protecting the nation’s waters.

lithium mine pools with mountains in background

With a rich store of lithium in our lands, the state has a chance to capitalize on the ever-growing demand for clean energy. Here’s how we can ensure this boom doesn’t go bust.

illustration of two alums

Doa Meade Ross and Colby Pellegrino are two grads tackling water issues in Nevada.

poised woman stands in front of desk that has Las Vegas' Raiders paraphernalia on it

UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law alumna blazes trails as president of the Las Vegas Raiders.

archival photo of man peering into water

A bottomless hole, a tiny fish, and an ongoing preservation legacy that took a UNLV professor all the way to the Supreme Court and created one of North America's most important conservation sites.

Kirk Kerkorian Medical Education Building Grand Opening

The facility boasts a number of state-of-the-art features that will train new generations of Nevada physicians.

women in africa carrying water jugs

Hydrophilanthropy, the practice of aiding those in water-scarce regions, can transform lives. But when done carelessly, it can lead to immeasurable harm.

Student working in campus lab.

Scholarships and career-readiness support help talented students succeed at UNLV and beyond.

woman posing outside Erotic Heritage Museum

Class tackles taboos to help future social workers to factually and professionally discuss sex.


a woman and two men surrounded by brewery equipment

Hospitality grads Dave and Wyndee Forrest and Cameron Fisher are building CraftHaus into a staple of the Southern Nevada craft brewing scene.

close up of the flower Caesalpinia Pulcherrima

Summer rainstorms provide artistic backdrop for the plants that populate UNLV's distinct Mojave Desert landscape. 

4 people at hotsprings

Artist Kim Stringfellow's Mojave Project connects small slices of desert history into a grand narrative. Opening reception March 25. 

illustration of two men in Rebel athletic attire; one dropping a mic and the other catching it

After 52 years, Dick Calvert steps aside, and Marques Pfaff takes over as the new football and men’s basketball public address announcer.


professor and student during research presentation

Through research and advocacy for her students, engineering professor Jacimari Batista helps address Nevada's natural resources issues.

three athletes at food buffet

UNLV Athletics dietitian says put down that power bar and don't follow the food influencers.

UNLV branded paddles.

Miles from the gleaming lights of the Las Vegas Strip, Rebels have found their crew within our desert’s water sport community. 

man working with microscope

Here's how UNLV's radiochemistry program is building a diverse workforce for the nation's nuclear energy sector.


rendering of campus with city in background

Development of physical spaces is critical to achieving Top-Tier 2.0 Initiatives.

Children play on a playground.

Study by social work professor Katherine Marcal says housing affordability is linked to prevent childhood abuse.

woman running in pool

Kinesiology professor John Mercer turned a love of triathlons into a vector for research into wetsuit technology and underwater running.

Satellite image of the Las Vegas Valley.

Annual report from UNLV’s Center for Business and Economic Research predicts 3.39 million local residents by 2060.

UNLV student canoeing in Lake Mead

Regional competition challenges schools to engineer concrete canoes, test them at Lake Mead.

Student researcher Citlally Lopez works in a chemistry lab

Organic chemistry undergraduate Citlally Lopez strives to diversify science.

artist conception of fast radio burst

In 2022, UNLV students and faculty tackled research topics that ranged from astronomical to environmental to social — here's a gathering of some of those studies and findings.

man at laboratory bench

Professor Edwin Oh finds valuable COVID information lurking in our sewers.

group of volunteers cleaning a park

“What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?”

Image of telescope amidst dark sky

UNLV astrophysicist Bing Zhang contributes to understanding the physical mechanisms of fast radio bursts in three papers published in Nature.

image of the side of a building with words that read: student recreation and wellness center

See some of the changes that took place on the UNLV campus in 2022 with this compilation of news briefs.

A laser beam emitting a blue light is projected into a diamond anvil cell

Findings could have implications for our understanding of distant, water-rich planets.

collage of five people: two women and 3 men

UNLV would like to recognize the passing of beloved members of our community over the past year, including faculty, staff, and alumni.

swimmer's head rising out of water

Kasia Wasick is chasing Olympic immortality for Poland while helping shape the future of UNLV swimming.


old photograph of a couple in front of a large flashlight sculpture

Claes Oldenburg, the larger-than-life figure behind UNLV's famous Flashlight sculpture, passed away on July 18, 2022, at the age of 93.

man in Rebels jersey

Athletics Director Erick Harper is as excited about the Rebels' off-field success as he is about on-field accomplishments.

3 headshots of men and 2 avatars

A trio of alums have crafted artificial intelligence-powered avatars so anyone can interact with the likes of Deepak Chopra and UNLV's Keith E. Whitfield. Here's how that builds connections.

collage of mastiff dog pictures

From the presidential puppy to financial aid info, Digital President Whitfield shares stories along with useful information for students.

April Contreras stands behind cacti.

Neuroscience Ph.D. student April Contreras is set to share her research on psychedelics and psychiatry at this year’s Inspiration, Innovation, Impact event

Shivangi Khurania smiling at camera.

Master’s student Shivangi Khurania launches business and continually adapts to serve unmet food and beverage industry needs.

Four men sit in the water up to their necks

A look at how Las Vegans cooled off in the yesteryear of triple-digit summers.