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The School of Nursing educates nurses at the undergraduate and graduate levels to meet health care needs in Nevada and beyond. We promote, improve, and sustain human health through evidence-based education and advances in research and practice.

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UNLV students studying outdoors on campus
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UNLV’s online bachelor’s in psychology, master’s programs in nursing rank among the nation's top 20; university nets four top 100 rankings. 

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UNLV Nursing's Dean Imelda Reyes shares a look into her professional journey ahead of her Dec. 4 talk.

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Nursing's Alumna of the Year opens free-standing birth center to provide a home-like environment for women in labor.

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The curriculum includes general and cohort sessions to focus on technical knowledge and professional skills.

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Groundbreaking for its time, nursing students from UNLV and UNR were able to learn and debate via a live, two-way statewide microwave link.

Graduation surprise
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News stories from the summer featuring UNLV students and faculty.

Nursing In The News

20 Minutes

For some, white noise is the ultimate sleep aid. For others, however, the term raises a big question mark. That's behind the monotonous noise.

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Deans say turning nurses into educators a ‘hard sell’ because of low wages and high academic requirements.

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These ENP programs include a wide range of training on health assessment, advanced skills, and clinical experience.


Imagine this: You have been trying to conceive and you missed your period, so you take a pregnancy test to see if this is the month you’re finally expecting. But when the time comes to check the results, you see a faint line—not a bold, definitely-pregnant line—but a barely-there line that leaves you wondering just how reliable this test result is. Are you pregnant or not?


Jahna Jackson is in her third trimester of pregnancy. When the time comes to welcome her daughter, she’ll drive an hour to Las Vegas from her home in Pahrump, Nevada, because there are no obstetricians in the city.

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Jahna Jackson is in her third trimester of pregnancy. When the time comes to welcome her daughter, she’ll drive an hour to Las Vegas from her home in Pahrump, Nevada, because there are no obstetricians in the city.

Nursing Experts

An expert on sleep disorders.
An expert in chronic pain.
An specializes in pediatric care, particularly in Latino communities.
An expert in health disparities.
An expert in LGBTQIA+ health, adolescent development, and forensic nursing.
An expert in medical surgical, mental health, emergency room, intensive care, and palliative nursing

Recent Nursing Accomplishments

Angela Silvestri-Elmore, Kayla Sullivan, Esmeralda Clark, Jennifer Pfannes, Natalie Spitler, Necole Leland, Kathi Thimsen, Roseann Colosimo, and Janelle Willis (all Nursing) published an article in the Journal of Nursing Education and Practice titled, "Creation of a holistic admissions review process: A promising change designed to promote…
The NIH National Institute of Aging has awarded Jinyoung Kim an R21 grant ($226,500) for her study titled, "Sleep Depth and Circadian Genes as Potential Markers to Reflect Symptom Variation and Early Risk of Alzheimer's Disease in Shift Workers." The aim of her study is to investigate the potential of objective sleep quality…
Candace Burton (Nursing) is senior mentor to the lead author and co-author of a newly published study on the experiences of mothers whose children were in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in the journal Advances in Neonatal Care. The publication was led by Sarah Rodrigues, now a post-doctoral associate of the University of California Irvine,…
Associate professor Tirth Bhatta (Sociology) and assistant professor Nirmala Lekhak (Nursing) published a book chapter titled, "A Love Supreme: The Key to Transforming Our Hypermaterialistic World," to describe the true essence of love. In light of the serious threat of impending mass extinction and the growing consumerism, isolation, and…
Shannon Richard (Nursing PhD graduate and lead author), Brenna Renn (Psychology), and Dieu-My Tran, Jinyoung Kim, and Du Feng (all Nursing) published, "Metabolic Syndrome, Modifiable Lifestyle Factors, and Sleep-Disordered Breathing: The Hispanic Community Health Study," in Annals of Behavioral Medicine. This study found associations between the…
Jacqueline Killian (School of Nursing) published a paper, "Clinical Inquiry in Nursing Readiness Fellowship: Increasing Air Force Nurse Corps Evidence-Based Practice Leadership Infrastructure," in Military Medicine, in print 1, January/February 2024, Volume 189, Issue Supplement_1, Pages 14–23.