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The College of Sciences provides students a solid foundation in natural, physical, and mathematical sciences for a successful career in the sciences and other professional programs.

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two women working in research lab
Research | December 3, 2021

Program helps get undergraduates back into UNLV's labs and centers and working alongside faculty mentors.

People | December 3, 2021

An immigrant herself, Aziza Dhalai says she remembers how scary it can be to arrive in a new country.

Research | November 15, 2021

New mineral from Earth’s lower mantle surfaced as diamond inclusion; study led by UNLV geochemist Oliver Tschauner.

Campus News | November 4, 2021

A collection of news stories featuring stargazing and change at UNLV.

artist conception of fast radio burst being captured by large telescope
Research | October 13, 2021

A flurry of more than 1,650 FRBs detected by FAST telescope over 47 days in 2019 unlocks clues to the nature and location of the powerful millisecond-long cosmic radio explosions.

A man sits on a hill near a stream
People | October 12, 2021

Volunteerism was an essential part of College of Sciences Alumnus of the Year Zane Marshall's career path.

Sciences In The News

Las Vegas Review Journal
December 7, 2021

Using a diamond as their vessel, tiny specks of mineral blasted upward from the Earth’s lower mantle survived a harrowing journey of hundreds of miles amid unbelievably high temperatures and colossal pressures to end up in the hands of UNLV researchers.

Saanich News
December 6, 2021

Tree ring records show droughts worse than 2021 summer, without influence of climate change.

Vancouver Island Free Daily
December 6, 2021

Tree ring records show droughts worse than 2021 summer, without influence of climate change.

Goldstream News Gazette
December 6, 2021

Tree ring records show droughts worse than 2021 summer, without influence of climate change.

Nouvelles du monde
December 2, 2021

Scientists have found a new mineral packed in diamond more than 600 km deep in the Earth's lower mantle for the first time.

November 30, 2021

University of Nevada, Las Vegas geochemists found a mineral on the earth’s surface that’s only been found hundreds of miles below the surface in the earth’s mantle.

Sciences Experts

An expert in astronomy, dark matter, and general physics.
An expert in planetary science, igneous petrology, and Martian geology.
Brian Hedlund in an expert in microbial ecology at high temperatures, biofuels and genomics. 
An expert in geology, paleoecology, paleontology, and the history of geology.
An expert in global metal resources, the use of geochemistry to unravel geological processes, igneous petrology, mineral exploration, and global tectonics.    
An expert on desert ecology and climate change.

Recent Sciences Accomplishments

November 24, 2021
Jason Park (Mathematical Sciences) published "Random measure algebras" in the AMS Contemporary Mathematics, Stochastic Processes and Functional Analysis: New Perspectives.   In this article, algebras of random measures are introduced.  Three random measure algebras are created by using three different methods 1) a convolution by covariance method...
November 23, 2021
Vanessa Booth (Political Science) and Aaron Cheng (Life Sciences and Psychology), both undergraduate researchers, are the recipients of the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) 2021 Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award in the arts and health and natural sciences, respectively. Each year during the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR)...
November 23, 2021
Erin Cassin (Life Sciences), a graduate student, was named a 2022 K. Patricia Cross Future Leader by the Association of American Colleges & Universities. She is one of eight people internationally who are selected for this honor.
November 16, 2021
Satish C. Bhatnagar (Mathematical Sciences) presented a plenary talk, Som Dutt Chopra, Father of Mathematical Seismology in North India at the 27th International Conference of the International Academy of Physical Sciences. The conference was organized online by the department of mathematics of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (India) Oct. 26-...
November 16, 2021
Jeffery Shen (Life Sciences) has published, along with two other authors, “Dual activities of ACC synthase: Novel clues regarding the molecular evolution of ACS genes” in the journal Science Advances. The paper reports a paradigm-shifting discovery regarding the molecular evolution of ethylene biosynthesis genes in a time course of over 450...
November 9, 2021
Satish C. Bhatnagar (Mathematical Sciences) delivered an invited online talk on Oct. 25 on the life of a distinguished mathemtician, Inder Bir Singh Passi in a one-day memorial webinar organized by the Mathematics Department of Panjab University Chandigarh, India.