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The Casino Collectibles Association (CCA) has announced its 31st annual show, scheduled to take place in Exhibit Hall C at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas, from June 13th to 15th, 2024. The association calls the show a "must-see for those fascinated by gaming history".

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There are a few red flags surrounding how the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) handles confidentiality. People are worried that this might affect the transparency and answerability of the state’s very profitable casino industry.


Exoplanets are planets beyond our solar system. To date, more than 5,000 of them have been identified. They are expected to form and orbit around stars, in a similar fashion to planets in our solar system. However, some appear “free-floating” in space, not bound to any host star. The puzzle to their formation was further deepened in fall 2023, when astrophysicists using the James Webb Space Telescope identified massive floating binary objects about the size of Jupiter – and dubbed them JuMBOs (Jupiter-mass binary objects).

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As the start of early voting begins Saturday, May 25, in Clark County, one professor is stressing the impact of down-ballot races. Dr. Michael Green, a UNLV professor and the history department chair, joined ARC Las Vegas and Evan Schreiber live to give some perspective on early voting.

Desert Companion

When Nikki Corda founded the Nevada Women’s Film Festival in 2015, she had no idea she was creating a Las Vegas institution. A CSN film professor at the time, she was just looking for a student club project. “I noticed there was a disparity between how many women students we had at the time and male students,” Corda recalls.

Las Vegas Review Journal

UNLV faculty members receive endowments which provides resources for clinical departments.

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When driving down Boulder Highway, you can't miss the line of casinos, especially the Eastside Cannery. It's been closed since the pandemic, but this week, there's a renewed hope it'll reopen.

Las Vegas Review Journal

Members of Las Vegas’ Jewish community called on UNLV and the Nevada System of Higher Education’s Board of Regents to take action on what they see as a rise of antisemitic incidents on UNLV’s campus.

Las Vegas Review Journal

State higher education officials expressed strong skepticism over UNLV’s plans to enter into a lengthy ground lease on 42 acres of university-owned land near the Las Vegas Strip.

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