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    • If you find yourself in a situation where your advisor has recommended a course but MyUNLV will not allow you to register, please fill out the “course permission form” located below.  If the course you are having trouble registering for is an Education Undergraduate course (prefixed CED, COE, ECE, EDU, EPY, EDSP, EDEL, EDRL, EDSC or TESL), or if you are trying to register for ARL Graduate courses (CIE, CIG, CIL, CIS, CIT, EDEL, EDSP, EPY, ESP or TESL) our center can assist you with registration issues. If the course is offered by another department, you must contact that specific department for course permission.
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Degree Worksheets

Addictions Studies

Early Childhood Education

Elementary Education

Higher Education

Human Services

Secondary Education

Special Education

Which Undergraduate/Bachelor's degrees are offered through the College of Education at UNLV?

The College of Education offers undergraduate degrees in five areas: early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, special education, and human services.




How do I schedule an appointment to meet with a College of Education Advisor?

New and Prospective Students
Please call our office at 702-895-1537 to schedule your first advising appointment.

Current Students
Schedule online via the Campus Connect Link, or contact the ESSC at 702-895-1537 to schedule your advising appointment. We suggest you always book your appointments early each semester, especially if you need to meet an application deadline.

How do I apply for Financial Aid? Scholarships and Grants?

Contact a Financial Aid representative at 702-895-3424 or visit the UNLV Financial Aid website.

I need more information about how to apply for the TEACH grant.

You can find all application and grant-related details on the Financial Aid's Federal Grants page.

Where can I find information on the Praxis exams?

You can find all of the COE and Nevada specific testing information on the ETS website.

What is a pre-major?

All students in the College of Education are initially admitted as pre-majors. Once you meet all of your full-major requirements, you will either submit a formal application or be automatically switched over to full major depending on your program of study.

What is my class standing?

Class standing is determined by the number of semester credits which a student has completed:

  • Freshman: 0-29 semester credits
  • Sophomore: 30-59 semester credits
  • Junior: 60-89 semester credits
  • Senior: 90+ semester credits

What is the maximum number of credits I may take per semester?

Fall and Spring Semesters
Freshmen may take a maximum of 17 credits per semester. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors may take a maximum of 18 credits per semester.

Summer Term
Summer term maximum credits are:

  • Summer Session I allows a maximum of 4 credits
  • Summer Session II allows 7 credits
  • Summer Session III also allows 7 credits

Credit Overload
Students who wish to exceed the maximum number of credits during any given semester must submit a credit overload form. If your cumulative UNLV GPA is a 3.0 or higher, you will be automatically approved. If your GPA is below a 3.0, you will need to submit a petition to request permission to overload. Overload requests and petitions should be submitted directly to the Education Student Services Center.

  • Undergraduate Credit Overload Request (If GPA is above 3.0)
  • Undergraduate Petition Form (If GPA is below 3.0)
  • Graduate College Overload Authorization Form

How do I know which catalog I should follow?

You may follow the catalog of your year of enrollment in your baccalaureate-level program or your year of graduation. If you changed your major, your advisor may change your catalog year if it is in your best interest to do so. Whichever catalog is used, it cannot be more than 10 years old at the time of graduation.

I am currently a UNLV student in a major outside of the College of Education. How can I change my major?

Please call our office at 702-895-1537 to schedule an advising appointment. You must have at least a 2.75 GPA to change your major to anything in the College of Education. If your GPA is below 2.75, you will have the opportunity to meet with an advisor one time to review the program requirements, develop a graduation goal sheet, and discuss a plan to raise your GPA. Once your GPA has reached at least a 2.75, you may come back for additional advising and officially change your major.

What do I do if I'm having course registration issues or I'm attempting to register and the class is full?

Registration information can be found at the Advising Center Registration page.

Do transfer courses from CSN and other institutions affect my overall GPA at UNLV?

No, grades do not transfer; only your credits transfer to fulfill course requirements. Your overall UNLV GPA is calculated based on UNLV grades only. However, transfer credits of C- and below are not accepted into the Elementary Education program and these courses must be repeated.

I received a low grade in one of my courses. What will happen if I repeat it?

Students are strongly encouraged to repeat any grades below "C". A student may repeat any UNLV course once at UNLV and not have the original grade computed in their GPA, though both grades will still show on your transcript. Courses that are initially taken at UNLV must be repeated at UNLV in order to have the initial grade omitted from their GPA. (When a repeat course is completed more than once, only the original grade is omitted from the GPA). If you retake classes at a different institution, that retake may still be applied to your program requirements, however, only your initial grade at UNLV will count toward your GPA.

What does "withdrawal" mean?

Withdrawal is the act of officially leaving the university. Students may drop individual courses without withdrawing from the university, however, a "W" may be assigned to the UNLV transcript. Failure to attend class does not constitute a withdrawal; you must officially drop the course through the Student Center in MyUNLV. You may only withdraw from a course up until a certain point in the semester, and these dates are posted on every semester schedule and listed on your front page in MyUNLV.

Can a misdemeanor or felonious conviction affect my ability to obtain teacher licensure?

Misdemeanors or felony convictions may prohibit teachers from obtaining licensure. You can find details on the Nevada State Department of Education Licensure page, or call 702-486-6455 for details.

Who do I contact for a licensure verification to be completed by the institution?

Contact Education Student Services Center at 702-895-1537

Contact College of Education Dean's Office at 702-895-3375

Where can I find the contact information for my professors, specific colleges, or departments?

The UNLV Directory page offers information for instructors' email addresses, office phone numbers and locations, as well as the contact information and locations for individual colleges or departments on campus.

What is a practicum or field experience?

Every major in the College of Education has some type of practicum or internship experience. Our teacher licensure programs include three semesters of field experience in which students go into a classroom for a specified amount of time each week. Students in education-related majors present lesson plans and perform other teacher-related duties and commitments. Human services majors complete two different internship experiences available at a variety of on and off-campus sites.

Where can I find information about International Student Teaching?

International Student Teaching is a valuable experience which every student should consider if you meet the minimum requirements. Visit the International Student Teaching page for program requirements, information on the application/interview process and deadlines, costs, and more specific information regarding the various programs and locations we offer with the International Programs office.

Where can I find more regarding the student conduct policies at UNLV?

You can refer to the UNLV Office of Student Conduct site for department contact information, rules and policies at UNLV, and various forms.

What if I am scheduled to graduate over the summer?

Since there is not a summer graduation ceremony, students will participate in either the May or December Commencement and complete their remaining courses in the summer. For more information regarding the graduation ceremony, please visit the Graduation Office page, or call at 702-895-1799.

How do I apply for graduation?

Students are eligible to apply for graduation through the MyUNLV Student Center the semester prior to graduating, just as long as you are in good academic standing and listed as a full-major. Upon applying, students will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar. This process takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

What if I already have a bachelor's degree?

There are several options for students interested in pursuing a career in Education who already possess a Bachelor's degree: The first option is to earn a second Bachelor's degree in Education. Various other alternatives are listed below.

  • Call the Education Student Services Center at 702-895-1537 if you have a Bachelor's degree in anything except education and would like to pursue teacher licensure through the following programs: Alternative Route to Licensure, Teach for America, or our veteran/spouse of veteran Continue to Serve program.
  • Call 702-895-1540 for information regarding post-baccalaureate opportunities in Teaching & Learning
  • Call 702-895-3205 for information regarding post-baccalaureate opportunities in Early Childhood, Multilingual & Special Education
  • Call 702-895-3253 for information regarding post-baccalaureate opportunities in Education Psychology & Higher Education

If you already have a teaching license and are interested in endorsement information, contact the Nevada State Department of Education at 702-486-6455.