Minor in Human Services

Students from other departments may minor in Human Services. The student will be broadly trained in understanding human behavior and in pre-professional counseling skills to provide services in a wide array of contexts.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of an array of theoretical and applied human service, counseling and psychological theories;
  • Demonstrate a range of para-professional counseling skills sufficient to conduct entry-level human services interventions;
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate orally and/or in writing and interact effectively with other helping professionals;
  • Demonstrate an ability to understand research and critique professional literature in human service, counseling and psychological professions;
  • Deliver professional services within the guidelines of the ethical and professional practice;
  • Meet consumer needs of diverse clients with an appreciation of multicultural differences;
  • Form helping relationships in accordance with the principles of sound para-professional counseling practice;
  • Be prepared to secure a position in the helping profession or gain entrance to graduate school.

Career Possibilities

  • Counselor


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