Faculty Governance

Through shared governance, the faculty and staff in the College of Education are committed to forging a path to Top Tier status through five key goals:

  • Engage in professional significant research and scholarship
  • Contribute to the production of professionals for educational contexts
  • Develop and improve stakeholder and constituent initiatives
  • Establish the unit as a recognized moderator of critical topics in education
  • Expand programs and offerings to new populations and global markets

If you have an item you would like to bring forward to the faculty, please contact: Jenna Weglarz-Ward.

Department, College, and University Bylaws

Universities, like many organizations, are built on a solid foundation of bylaws, policies, and procedures. When they are well established and diligently reviewed, updated, and implemented, the organization runs smoothly, enabling its mission to be realized and its constituency, in our case, faculty, staff, students and the community, to be well-served. Weakness in bylaws, policies, and procedures is most apparent in times of change or crisis. At all levels, a solid foundation of rules enables smooth and effective operation.


Student-Related Forms