Teacher education institutions across the United States continue to respond to the recognized need for greater international awareness and understanding among pre-service and inservice teachers. There are over 100 institutions in the United States, which conduct student teaching programs in more than 50 countries with the dual purpose of preparing competent teachers and contributing to worldwide understanding.

About the Program

The UNLV College of Education International Student Teaching Program is an optional experience open to any individual pursuing an elementary, secondary, special education, or early childhood education teaching license. The program is administered through the College of Education's Division of Teacher Education. A faculty coordinator of International Student Teaching provides leadership for the program and serves as the liaison with the various agencies involved. The dean, in cooperation with the University Director of International Programs has the ultimate responsibility for overseeing the program.


Anyone who has completed the academic qualifications for student teaching in the College of Education at the UNLV is eligible to apply for this program.


Each student is responsible for paying for transportation to and from the international school. Students pay semester tuition to UNLV and are responsible for an additional fee of $350.00 to help defray the costs of the program. UNLV will send a faculty member, whenever possible, to the site as a student teacher supervisor. In some cases, UNLV faculty may be on site as exchange faculty. In other cases, UNLV students may be supervised by qualified host country personnel.

The international school may provide advice concerning room and board arrangements for the student. The student may live with a faculty member, a host family, or in some cases, in a dormitory or private apartment. Housing involves compensation for room and board costs. The UNLV Office of International Programs provides information on scholarship resources to help cover the costs of study abroad and resources that may help with the international student teaching program.

Application Process

The International Student Teaching program in the College of Education is an opportunity that permits future teachers who have completed the academic qualifications for student teaching to apply for student teaching assignment in an international setting.

The length of the experience varies according to the specific situation and culture in which the student is involved; however, no experience is less than twelve weeks in length. Participation is possible during fall and spring.

A minimum nine month lead time is necessary in order to make arrangements. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Application deadlines for international placements are approximately one year prior to the semester in which you wish to student teach.

Students are interviewed by the International Student Teaching Committee. The committee considers grade point average, recommendations, the application, and interview performance. The student must demonstrate that he/she has the capability to student teach in an international setting. The committee's decision is final.

The student is placed with a teacher identified by personnel of the host country in the Ministry of Education or other comparable agency with approval of a designated person at UNLV. During the experience there will be regular communication between the student teaching personnel in the host country and those at UNLV (e.g., teleconferences, electronic mail, and exchange of videotapes). A supervisory visit by a UNLV faculty member or an appointed adjunct UNLV instructor may occur during the experience.

Acceptance as a participant in the international experience occurs following the satisfactory completion of an application process. Assignment to a country is made after careful matching of a student's qualifications and teaching area with the country and its educational system.

Preparation for an international experience is an important step. Students who apply and are accepted early will have the opportunity to enroll in courses that will enhance their understanding of other cultures and people. Students who are assigned to an international student teaching site will participate in an orientation seminar on campus during the semester preceding the placement. The seminar will include orientation to the country and its educational system, to life in another culture, and to requirements of the student teaching experience. The participant will also be involved in activities on campus at the conclusion of the experience.

Student teaching at UNLV is a 14-credit full semester experience. The international student teaching experience is an option within the student teaching semester and will apply to the student's degree at UNLV in the same manner that student teaching in a school in the United States does.

UNLV has the assurance of the Nevada Department of Education that students who participate in the international student teaching option will be accepted for licensure. Furthermore, the use of varied supervisory models does not detract from the accreditation of the UNLV program.

The student is required to show proof of international health insurance coverage for the time that the student would be abroad.

Travel Arrangements

Students may leave early and have time to tour before beginning to teach, or they may stay after they conclude their experience. Travel arrangements are made by the student.